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PD Ports-Unite seal learning deal
UK-based ports company PD Ports has signed a 'Learning Agreement' with Unite the Union (Unite) for its sites across the North East of the country. The deal aims to make learning and development opportunities accessible to all employees while encouraging them to seek essential functional skills support. 15 Dec 2017
Tackle skills gap with port apprentices
PD Ports is urging employers to help plug the engineering skills gap by offering apprenticeships. 08 Nov 2017
PD Ports warns against “Brexit blinkers”
PD Ports is urging UK businesses not to develop “Brexit blinkers” but instead to explore new global opportunities. 15 Sep 2017
PD Ports eyes bulk trade
PD Ports is looking to extend its footprint in the bulk market “quite significantly” in the future, Frans Calje, chief executive of PD Ports, told Port Strategy. 12 Apr 2017
Port Services Regulation is ‘ill-conceived’, says ports chief
The Port Services Regulation (PSR) is “ill conceived, barely thought through and a one stroke brush approach across Europe to impose what they call transparency and regulations to make ports more competitive”, PD Ports’ chief executive Frans Calje told Port Strategy, adding that the reality is, however, “that one size doesn’t fit all”. 10 Apr 2017
PD Ports chief calls for action
The UK’s Northern Powerhouse is at risk of becoming a talking shop amid a slowdown of momentum from Westminster, Frans Calje, chief executive of PD Ports told Port Strategy. 06 Apr 2017
North UK ports form partnership
The four main ports in the north of England have agreed a new partnership to create jobs and boost exports across the region. 14 Sep 2016
North UK ports broker collaboration pact
In the wake of Brexit, major ports across the north of the UK have agreed to unprecedented collaboration to ensure their unified voice is heard by government. 30 Jun 2016
In the first of a series, Nick Elliott reports from Teesport on its preparations for ISPS Code compliance 01 Nov 2003
Growth on track at Teesport
PD Ports has completed the first phase of an expansion programme to develop its existing container terminal handling facilities at Teesport, UK. 24 Aug 2009
North seeks to ease Southern Discomfort
Depending on your point of view, PD Ports' plan to introduce a Northern Gateway container port on the Tees would either ease the UK's notorious southern port congestion, or - if you're a supporter of any or all of the three southern container terminal projects aimed at solving the problem - simply prove to be a fly in the ointment. 01 Jun 2005
Mobile power
The addition of a new bespoke design mobile has significantly enhanced steel slab handling operations at Tees Port 01 Jun 2006
Teesport floatation will spur expansion plans
It will be port business as usual in Hartlepool if the newly independent PD Ports gets the approval it now wants for its proposed £ 500m property project development around Victoria Harbour. 01 Jul 2004
Teesport looks beyond ISPS
In our November/ December 2003 issue, PS spoke to managers at PD Teesport to report on their preparations for the ISPS Code. Since then, things have been moving apace. 01 Mar 2004
Strengthening systems
Teesport has the luxury of challenging its steel handling methods under a ten-year contract, as Felicity Landon finds out 01 May 2007
01 Jan 2006
Teesport and ASDA collborate on modal shift
ASDA has signed a landmark deal with PD Teesport to develop a new £ 20m import centre at Teesport with the creation of 300 jobs. The project will be delivered by leading European logistics developer, Gazeley, on behalf of ASDA. 01 Mar 2006
Teesport savours Southern Discomfort
Teesport Container Terminal 2 (TCT2), the recently opened second container terminal at PD Teesport in Middlesbrough, is achieving significant improvements in operational effectiveness for the port and its customers. Over the past three months PD Teesport has accomplished improved productivity with over 50 lifts per hour. 01 Mar 2004
HPH stand-down a boon to Northern Gateway project
Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) has been swayed away from its tough stance blocking the development of the UK's Northern Gateway project by developer PD Ports. 25 Sep 2007
Teesport high-cube rail service
A revolutionary new high-cube rail service has been launched from the UK’s PD Ports’ Teesport container terminal by Direct Rail Services (DRS). 21 Oct 2011
Next step for Teesport expansion
PD Ports has completed the ground works at its container handling capacity in Teesport UK – the next step in its strategy towards doubling its container capacity. 04 Mar 2012
Mobile computers speed up efficiency
A British ports operator has deployed Honeywell’s Thor VM1 vehicle mounted mobile computers and MX9 handheld devices to improve workflow and productivity at the terminal. 14 Nov 2013
Making minerals count
Despite the sensational headlines, ports are capitalising on iron ore potential. John Bensalhia reports 01 Aug 2014
Out of the ordinary
Investing in facilities, labour and space for project cargoes can reap rewards. John Bensalhia investigates 14 Jun 2013