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This feature looks first at the potential for multi-loading systems at ro-ro terminals, and secondly at the market for, and recent developments in, the ro-ro tractor sector. 01 Apr 2004
Double deal for consultants
Royal Haskoning, the engineering, architecture and environmental consultancy, describes its experiences working on two projects for the Yemeni government's investment arm. 01 Apr 2006
A new design code for the design of ro-ro ramps, linkspans and walkways - British Standard 6349 Part 8 - is due to be published early next year, enabling ro-ro infrastructure to be planned, designed and built to an acceptable common set of rules, as explains. 01 Dec 2004
Cutting your Cloth
Many new container terminals are built to a tried and tested formula, particularly by the big global operators. Benedict Young talks to two experts on the different rationales and approaches. 01 Nov 2005
Royal Haskoning to carry out Teesport EIA
PD Ports has appointed Royal Haskoning to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for its proposed deepsea terminal at Teesport, including the preparation of a construction and engineering report on the brownfield site. 01 Sep 2005
Not in my Back Yard!
The relationship between ports that need to develop and their surrounding social and ecological environments is very often a matter for heated debate with the NIMBY factor usually to the fore. 01 May 2005
As highlighted above, although accidents have been relatively rare, passenger safety is of interest to everyone in the industry, and, with this in mind, a new safety device for ferry linkspans has been produced jointly by Royal Haskoning and Bosch Rexroth. 01 Dec 2004
The way we light ports and terminals has become something of an issue in recent years as public enquiries linked to new port construction have sought to curb what is seen as unwanted additional illumination of the night-time sky. Furthermore, with operational margins under pressure, operators are seeking ways of cutting costs, albeit by not compromising either operating efficiency or security. Alex Hughes investigates. 01 Dec 2004
Grain monopoly at Mombasa
A master plan covering the next 25 years, which was put together by Kenya Port Authority and approved by the government, proposes to concentrate bulk grain handling at a single terminal at Mombasa until at least 2028.  01 May 2007
Taking the pain out of ports
Consultants can deliver the planning pill to solve complicated design problems. Alex Hughes investigates how two challenging schemes have been tackled 01 Jan 2007
Deep demands of dredging
Whether it's dealing with contaminated waste or upsetting the habitat of rare wading birds,dredging is a sector packed with environmental "issues". Felicity Landon reports on the latest thinking 01 Dec 2006
Double take
Upper Gulf keen to secure its share of region's port business with additional terminals planned to serve the north 01 Nov 2006
The space race
Is every inch of your shoreside being used to its full potential? Alex Hughes finds out that a little expertise can go a long way in stockyard planning. 01 Oct 2006
Doha's Dutch design
The new Doha Port in Qatar is to be designed through a partnership between WorleyParsons Qatar WLL and Royal Haskoning, which will develop the port's master plan and full engineering design. 04 Feb 2009
Issues to be addressed
An EIA will consider a range of issues, including: Noise, dust and light pollution: Neighbours of ports are likely to be affected by various forms of pollution, so it is essential that mitigation measures are developed. For example, the visual aspects of the new operations should be assessed and suitable solutions such as appropriate lighting schemes developed. 01 Sep 2005
Melbourne ups the ante
Melbourne, Australia's largest container port, has moved towards deepening sections of its channels to accommodate vessels of up to 14 metres draught at all tides. 01 Sep 2006
Rosslare Europort gets upgrade
Consultants Royal Haskoning recently became involved in an upgrade project at the Irish port of Rosslare. The project addressed the repair of berths 1 and 2 at Rosslare Europort where the pier is 260m long and was built in the 1950s using two parallel walls of concrete blockwork founded on a layer of broken rubble, filled in with sand and then capped with a concrete slab. 01 Apr 2006
Haskoning name dropping
Posford Haskoning will henceforth be known as Royal Haskoning. Posford Haskoning was adopted as a means of introducing the Haskoning name to the UK market three years ago and the job is now done, says the company. 01 Jan 2005
After having spent approximately US$1.5m over eight years on studies to justify dredging to 40 feet the access channel at the port of Barranquilla, it now seems that the Colombian government is to restrict work to allow a draught of just 36 feet. 01 Dec 2004
Quay walls come under scrutiny
The next phase in the revision of the UK’ s British Standard 6349 for Maritime Structures will focus on the design of quay walls, jetties and dolphins. This follows on from the recent launch of a Code of Practice for the design of Ro-Ro ramps, linkspans and walkways. 01 Jul 2007
Specialist consultant Royal Haskoning has purchased UK transport consultant Denis Wilson Partnership in a bid to take its operations “ beyond the waters’ edge” .The marriage will bring Denis Wilson’ s expertise in inland logistics and transport planning to Haskoning clients,offering what the company claims will be a “ one-stop service” to clients for environmental services and commercial development. 01 Jun 2007
Container port market outlook
A new study from Ocean Shipping Consultants (OSC), part of Royal HaskoningDHV, indicates a positive outlook for the containerport market up until 2025, despite short term uncertainty. 02 Jul 2012
A leg to stand on
Stevie Knight explains the merits of getting dredging contractors onboard from the off 03 Sep 2012
Soft options needed firming up
Kuwait’s huge Mubarak Al Kabeer port project had “very difficult” ground conditions says Bob Gascoigne of Royal Haskoning. Soft clay and silt went down 25 metres, so dredging it all out was uneconomic to say the least. 04 Sep 2012
Royal HaskoningDHV tunnel contract
International consultancy, engineering and project management firm, Royal HaskoningDHV, has won a contract worth around €5m to construct a 500m immersed tunnel for Brazil’s Port of Santos. 17 Apr 2013
RHDHV wins Indonesian contract
International consultancy and project management company, Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV), has won a contract to supervise the construction of Indonesia’s largest port extension at Jakarta’s Tanjung Port. 15 May 2013
Leap of faith
Ports need to weigh up total versus piecemeal handling options for bulk cargo, finds Stevie Knight 08 May 2014
Laying carbon foundations
Finding ‘greener’ ways to operate a port is one thing – but what about the carbon footprint of the actual construction phase? Felicity Landon reports 28 Aug 2014
Large surface area
Choosing hardstanding means balancing capex costs with maintenance savings. Felicity Landon reports 05 Dec 2014
Making the most of equipment
Equipment pooling might not necessarily be a terminal operator’s first choice as obviously they would prefer to be busy handling containers, “but if you have a terminal whose equipment has idle periods and next door the terminal is busy, it can be a win-win – they need some equipment, and you want some revenue", says Dimitris Pachakis, principal engineer at Royal Haskoning DHV. 04 Sep 2013