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Life after TAMP
Tariff-setting and red tape – are the twin evils of doing business in India showing signs of being eradicated? Dave MacIntyre reports 16 Aug 2013
01 Jan 1970
State owned, but passing the hat
With government ownership dominant in Western Australia, the dredging funds question is a considerable one for the state's mid-sized ports. 28 Aug 2013
Making a connection
There's still a place for shore side power solutions, as Anne-Marie Causer finds out 07 Apr 2014
Leap of faith
Ports need to weigh up total versus piecemeal handling options for bulk cargo, finds Stevie Knight 08 May 2014
Closing the security ‘gap’
The ‘gap in the fence’ of port security has been the focus of a new, autonomous underwater vessel (AUV) trialled by BMT Group at the Port of Lisbon this week. 05 Jun 2014
Security on the cheap
New cost effective unmanned vehicles could be perfect for port operations, finds Stevie Knight 19 Aug 2014
Cut out the stress
Greater automation and computer control is gaining ground in VTS, but there is uncertainty over the limits, writes Martin Rushmere 25 Aug 2014
No need for new Hong Kong terminals
New findings from a ‘Study on the Strategic Development Plan for Hong Kong Port 2030’ by BMT Asia Pacific reveals new terminals in the region aren’t needed to keep the sector competitive. 24 Dec 2014
Hitting the hot spots
Be careful where you place your bets in Southeast Asia, warns Stevie Knight 03 Apr 2015
Safeguarding against terrorism
A new training project has been launched to help deliver improved training tools and techniques in response to terrorism threats aimed at Europe’s critical infrastructure, including ports. 23 Jun 2015
Head to head
There's a clash of personalities between the Black and Marmara seas, as Stevie Knight discovers 04 Oct 2012