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Tackling shipping congestion
A global engineering and construction company has come up with an innovative port design to tackle shipping congestion in Africa. 29 Aug 2013
The need for effective port planning
Bechtel, the international engineering and construction specialist, has unveiled ground-breaking port research to help improve the safety of shipping ports when it comes to wash. 04 Jun 2014
Laying carbon foundations
Finding ‘greener’ ways to operate a port is one thing – but what about the carbon footprint of the actual construction phase? Felicity Landon reports 28 Aug 2014
Sweat the tech
Doing more with less applies to technology as well as equipment assets as Dave and Iain MacIntyre find out 22 Sep 2014
Faster, deeper, cheaper
Underwater, floating, sand-filled or rock-strengthened; breakwaters come in all shapes and sizes finds Felicity Landon 12 Mar 2015
New research to mitigate wash in ports
USA based engineering and construction firm, Bechtel, has announced the new phase of a study which will improve the safety and future design of ports. 06 Nov 2012