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Digitalisation signals "fourth industrial revolution" at ports
The digitalisation of ports and terminal operations offers ways to realise a "fourth industrial revolution", Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) AGM delegates have been told. 20 Feb 2018
PEMA calls for “more cross-industry dialogue”
Members of the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) are calling for cross-industry dialogue to address supply chain challenges such as container vessel size and shipping alliances. 23 Feb 2017
01 Jan 1970
PEMA report on OCR technologies in ports
Belgium's Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) has published a new report on the use and impact of optical character recognition (OCR) technology in container ports and terminals to try to get an idea of how they are improving efficiency and safety. 16 Jan 2013
Sound carriers
Can automation tick the safety first box for straddle carriers. John Bensalhia investigates 01 Jan 2013
Reducing unacceptable risks
Port Strategy talks to PEMA Safety Committee chair Stephan Stiehler about the Association’s drive to reduce injuries and damage in ports and terminals 20 Mar 2013
OCR grabs the world
OCR systems have taken off in popularity throughout the world. According to the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association, there are 1,700 installations worldwide, while turnover is $50m a year and the rate of growth is 12%-15% a year 14 Oct 2013
Weighing up the possibilities
With container weighing becoming a global issue within the ports sector, the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association’s (PEMA) recently published information paper on container weighing technologies is a timely resource. 10 Oct 2013
Ten years of PEMA
The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, which it helped mark by a special programme of educational activities and events at TOC Europe this week. 26 Jun 2014
Nurturing new talent in the ports sector
Trucker troubles: something the North American ports have become only too accustomed to over the last year where there have been strikes on the back of congestion and waiting times. 26 Jun 2014
Getting the detail right on lasers
An information paper from the Port Equipment Manufacturers’ Association has stressed the importance of getting the details right when incorporating laser technology in an automation programme. 15 Jan 2015
University of Hamburg team tackle berth errors
The University of Hamburg beat off the competition to win the E1,000 cash prize at this year’s PEMA Student Challenge which took place at TOC Europe in Rotterdam. 22 Jun 2015
A common objective
Port Strategy talked to Kari Rintanen, Chair of the PEMA Technology Working Group on Software Interface Standards, about the Association’s initiative to develop common industry standards for the integration of TOS and process automation technology 23 Apr 2013