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Solution to Buenos Aires concerns?
Following a referral to Argentina’s competition authority, Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia (CNDC), for “conduct and restrictive acts of competition in the Port of Buenos Aires”, where Maersk, Hamburg Süd and APM Terminals effectively dominate container trade, local online press resource iProfesional has reported that Maersk has put forward a solution to the problem. 29 Aug 2018
Operators squabble at Buenos Aires
The Argentinian government’s decision to unify the Port of Buenos Aires’ five box terminals under the single operator in 2019 has caused skirmishes to break out between some of the existing operators. 23 Aug 2018
New Buenos Aires port plan ready
According to the Argentinean Ports Directorate (AGP), the design of the new Buenos Aires port is ready, although will not yet be made public. 24 Aug 2017
Argentina earmarks $118m for BA port improvements
Argentina’s central government and the regional administration in Buenos Aires are to invest $118m in ports in the Buenos Aires metropolitan region to boost their competitiveness. 09 Jun 2017
ITF offers policy suggestions for Buenos Aires
The International Transport Forum (ITF) has made a number of suggestions for policy in Buenos Aires in its Draft Discussion Paper 2017. 02 May 2017
Argentina discusses future port development
The Argentinean government has calculated that the Port of Buenos Aires needs investment of $1bn in order to modernise. This would see container capacity raised from 800,000 teu to 1.2m teu. 13 Apr 2017
Call for Buenos Aires debate
Maritime consultant Antonio Zuidwijk writes a letter to the Editor on the need for an open discussion on the future direction of the Port of Buenos Aires 06 Jan 2017
Buenos Aires to tender two box terminals
The Port of Buenos Aires is planning to issue two tenders for new container terminals in the first few months of 2017 as a result of a major shake-up of the port’s installations. 05 Dec 2016
DP World seeks BA terminal renewals
DP World has officially requested permission to renew the terminal concessions the company operates in the Port of Buenos Aires. Currently, it operates in terminals 1, 2 and 3, which have a combined area of 430,000 square metres. These were acquired from P&O Ports almost a decade ago. 16 Nov 2016
All change for Buenos Aires
In the first half of 2017, the government of Argentina is to launch a tender linked to land reclamation in the port of Buenos Aires, which aims to create new quays able to accommodate the largest vessels afloat. 20 Jul 2016
Buenos Aires' TRP concession in doubt
The head of Argentina's tax authority (AFIP), Ricardo Echegaray, has asked the courts to withdraw the concession awarded to Terminales Río de la Plata for container berths 1, 2 and 3 at the Port of Buenos Aires. 06 Nov 2015
Plan to nationalise ports in Buenos Aires province “absurd”
The deputy governor of the state of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Mariotto, has put forward a project to bring all ports within the province back under the direct control of local government, whilst boosting exports in Argentine-flagged vessels to a minimum of 50%. 05 Jun 2014
Buenos Aires port charges slammed
Argentina's Chamber of Private Commercial Ports (CPPC) has criticised the decision taken by the Buenos Aires provincial government to include various new port taxes in its 2015 budget, claiming that they violate both existing legislation and the national constitution. 18 Dec 2014
Call for Buenos Aires tender to be postponed
Three professional bodies in Argentina have asked for the tender covering the concession to operate Terminal 5 at the Port of Buenos Aires to be postponed. 27 Mar 2015
Two new terminal concessions in Latin America
Following three years of uncertainty, Argentina's General Ports Administration (AGP) is to issue a new tender covering the operation of Terminal 5 at the Port of Buenos Aires. The existing Bactssa concession officially expired in 2012, but has temporarily been extended. 20 Aug 2015
Buenos Aires losing transit cargo to Montevideo
Resolution 3433, which was adopted by Argentina's Federal Administration of Public Revenue in March, has resulted in a hike in costs at the country’s ports. 30 Apr 2013