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Harvesting the crowd
Maurice Jansen explains how ports can bring innovation to their door 26 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Ports still a safe bet for pensions
Despite the fact that pension and infrastructure funds continue to view the port sector as a safe investment bet, concerns appear to be growing over high-risk investments to handle big ships. 18 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Stuck in the past
Strategic Marine Group’s Sandy Galbraith asks if port infrastructure charges are losing their identity 22 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
An end to paper?
Stevie Knight investigates the advantages of digital trading and the hurdles to widespread acceptance 06 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
DP World pairs up with global investment partner
DP World has formed an investment platform in partnership with one of North America’s largest pension fund managers, through which it will invest in global ports and terminals with a focus on investment grade countries. 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Politics of pricing
Shipping line talk of 'deflationary' terminal handling charges is unrealistic, finds Dave and Iain MacIntyre 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Will Maersk review its port assets?
The third quarter of 2016 has proved tricky for AP Møeller-Maersk with an 89% slide in quarterly profit and a 16% decline in revenue, and there is speculation that it will need to divest some assets. 23 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy
No love lost
Infrastructure funds can be a lifeline for port finance, but the feeling is not reciprocated. Barry Parker reports 03 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy
Reality bites for container terminals returns
The industry is entering a period where the money to be made from container terminals investments is markedly less than it used to be, according to Drewry Shipping Consultants. 26 Apr 2016 - Port Strategy
Do your homework
Dave MacIntyre finds out how investors can take the rough with the smooth in port commitments 26 Mar 2016 - Port Strategy
Wider funding options for California ports
The state of California’s largest container ports are now in line for wider funding after Governor Jerry Brown signed a new Bill. 15 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy
RBS hungry to finance more port developments
Delivering a shot in the arm for future port financing, specialist bank RBS has stated that it is “extremely positive” on the outlook for the sector. 15 Jun 2015 - Port Strategy
Canadians take a stake in ABP
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and Hermes Infrastructure have signed an agreement to invest approximately £1.6bn (C$2.9bn) to acquire a 30% stake in Associated British Ports (ABP). 31 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy
Finding the funding
If you don’t ask, you don’t get and when it comes to funding, ports should be asking, urges Felicity Landon 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy
Payment secured
HFW's Matthew Blycha discusses the thorny issue of meeting demands under performance bonds 12 Dec 2014 - Port Strategy
Community giving
Port community funds can create a real impact by supporting local charities and organisations. Felicity Landon reports 06 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy
Money matters
Improved 'financial positivity' is good news for the port and terminal sector, as John Bensalhia finds out 06 Oct 2014 - Port Strategy
Complexities and cost
The main type of Islamic finance used in major asset financing is Murabaha, a cost-plus sale system. Instead of charging interest, the structure features an agreed mark-up, or charge price, over time. Another option is Ijara, a leasing contract where the rent includes a return to cover the finance. Another, sometimes more flexible, option is Mudaraba, a form of partnership financing. 14 Feb 2014 - Port Strategy
Cash with conditions
Islamic finance is growing fast as an investment solution, as Felicity Landon finds out 13 Feb 2014 - Port Strategy
Paying for progress
HFW's Gudmund Bernitz discusses the financing options open to ports looking to expand 02 Jan 2014 - Port Strategy