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Insight & Opinion

  • On the brink of change

    COMMENT: 2014 was a mixed year for economic fundamentals but little of this impacted the flow of trade, writes Ben Hackett. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Time for an Optimal Size Index?

    COMMENT: As this issue goes to press, the Maritime Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will be meeting in London, writes Barry Parker. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Beware trucks bearing 'gifts'

    TT Club’s Laurence Jones urges ports to look beyond the container weighing headlines 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Innovation, disruption and survival

    We're just not innovating enough, warns APS Technology's Allen Thomas 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Cloud control

    XVELA's Christopher Mazza explains why carrier-terminal collaboration could find a home in the cloud 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Forward plan to manage transitions

    COMMENT: In Antwerp, the closure of the GM plant makes a huge site available for re-development, while in Rotterdam, one of the refineries (currently owned by Q8) is up for sale, writes Peter de Langen. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Playground of the alliances

    COMMENT: Over the past twelve months the container business has been turned on its head with shifting alliances, the arrival of the mega-ships and an ordering spree with enough capacity to make a grown man cry. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Under the microscope

    COMMENT: Just how much ports are under the microscope nowadays when they are located close to a city or populated areas is highlighted by the recent experience of Associated British Ports’ (ABP) port of Southampton, writes Mike Mundy. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Sound the trumpet

    COMMENT: There’s nothing like a bit of pressure to really push boundaries. In the case of APM Terminals, most of that pressure is of its own making when it comes to its Maasvlakte II terminal, writes Carly Fields. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Belief in Canadian container prospects

    COMMENT: Last month, DP World bought the Maher terminal in Prince Rupert, with a 2014 throughput of a little over 600,000 teu for more than a half billion US dollar - just under $1,000 per teu handled, writes Peter de Langen. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Allaying ‘Big Brother’ fears

    COMMENT: From last October, the UK Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency no longer requires UK vehicle owners to exhibit on their respective vehicles a ‘tax disc’ – a unique piece of paper which basically tells all and sundry - not least marauding traffic wardens - that you have paid for your vehicle to be on the road for a specified period, writes Mike Mundy. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Carriers disconnect needs serious thought

    COMMENT: What will the world of containerships look like in 2020? Or 2025? If you take the pronouncements of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as gospel most of the big liners will have consolidated, and there will be one super-duper high-tech salt mine to handle all the vagaries of back office functions, writes Barry Parker. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Just who's laughing now?

    COMMENT: Reading the press since the end of the labour dispute on the US West Coast brings a smile to one's lips. The build-up of the West Coast congestion was relatively slow, as the ILWU and the PMA were locked in negotiations and shippers and carriers worked on how to deal with cargo, writes Ben Hackett. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Out of sight

    COMMENT: Statisticians claim that a ship arrives or departs Singapore every two to three minutes. Normally, you need to take statistics of that ilk with a pinch of salt and ask what a port authority might stand to gain from artificially inflating that figure. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Benefits of environmental ratings

    RightShip’s Warwick Norman explains why ports are getting on the emissions-cutting bandwagon 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Piraeus farce

    The on-off nature of the concession plans for the port of Piraeus has become something of a joke since the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras and his coalition party took office In January. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Don't downplay trust issues

    COMMENT: The OECD recently published a report with a global outlook on freight transport - the Freight Outlook 2015 - including a forecast for the volumes handled by ports in various regions of the world, but can it be trusted, asks Peter de Langen. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • A public-public partnership?

    COMMENT: Irony of ironies, in among the host of bidders whose names appear in conjunction with the privatisation of the Mombasa container terminal is Transnet, the government body responsible for the management and operation of South Africa’s ports, writes Mike Mundy. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Transhipment opportunity

    COMMENT: Not all container transhipment takes place at the mega hubs such as Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Busan, Algeciras, Malta Freeport and so on. It can also take place as a healthy adjunct to gateway port operations – import and export activity – unless of course bureaucracy gets in the way. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Cruise not so detached from cargo

    COMMENT: The cold weather here in New York of late drove me down to Florida for some warmth, where I was fortunate enough to attend a conference on the cruise busines, writes Barry Parker. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Drumming up public support

    Public Strategy Group's Al Maiorino explains the importance of getting early public support for port projects 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Keeping chillers in check

    TT Club's Laurence Jones explains how ports can play their part in reducing global starvation 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy