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Insight & Opinion

  • Don't downplay trust issues

    COMMENT: The OECD recently published a report with a global outlook on freight transport - the Freight Outlook 2015 - including a forecast for the volumes handled by ports in various regions of the world, but can it be trusted, asks Peter de Langen. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • A public-public partnership?

    COMMENT: Irony of ironies, in among the host of bidders whose names appear in conjunction with the privatisation of the Mombasa container terminal is Transnet, the government body responsible for the management and operation of South Africa’s ports, writes Mike Mundy. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Transhipment opportunity

    COMMENT: Not all container transhipment takes place at the mega hubs such as Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Busan, Algeciras, Malta Freeport and so on. It can also take place as a healthy adjunct to gateway port operations – import and export activity – unless of course bureaucracy gets in the way. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Cruise not so detached from cargo

    COMMENT: The cold weather here in New York of late drove me down to Florida for some warmth, where I was fortunate enough to attend a conference on the cruise busines, writes Barry Parker. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Drumming up public support

    Public Strategy Group's Al Maiorino explains the importance of getting early public support for port projects 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Keeping chillers in check

    TT Club's Laurence Jones explains how ports can play their part in reducing global starvation 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Limits of economies of scale

    COMMENT: We have long believed that economies of scale are the saviour of the maritime industry, for all sectors ranging from terminals and bulk, to tankers and containerships. But in the last few months we have begun to hear opinions suggesting that containerships have reached their maximum size. So, wherein lies the future, asks Ben Hackett. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Fight for survival

    So the US West Coast labour hullabaloo is finally over. It took Obama’s loan of US secretary of labour Thomas Perez to help broker a deal after a federal mediator failed to find common ground between the two sides. Perez’s imposition of a deal deadline saw both sides jump to attention; the alternative was a trip to Washington to sort out the mess. 25 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Cosco ordered to pay back Piraeus EU aid

    COMMENT: Just as Piraeus concessionaire Cosco re-found its favour with the new Greek authorities, the fraught relationship is under pressure yet again, this time by European Commission interjections, writes Carly Fields. 25 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • All change in the eurozone

    COMMENT: A change of fiscal strategy for the Eurozone began with the Swiss de-coupling from the Euro, followed by the injection of €60bn a month for up to 18 months into the Eurozone economies and the change of government in Greece, writes Ben Hackett. 20 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • A proposition with handcuffs

    COMMENT: The Dock Workers Union, the union which represents the majority of workers at the port of Mombasa, Kenya, has stated that it now supports the idea of offering a concession to the private sector for the new 450,000 teu container terminal under development, but only if this first phase development focuses on transhipment traffic. 18 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • The future is the past

    COMMENT: do you think it is a wise strategy to curtail talks with a group of influential investors by announcing it to the media, asks Mike Mundy. 16 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • A matter of definition

    Aecom’s Rodrigo Castilho, Krystle McBride, Mark Sisson explain why capacity is never black and white 13 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Joining the US infrastructure dots

    COMMENT: Sometimes policy disconnects need to be highlighted. At one extreme, the US West Coast docks have been near paralysed by an emerging infrastructure collapse, with the widely publicised labour difficulties bringing ports to their knees, writes Barry Parker. 11 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Pricing of transhipment by port authorities

    COMMENT: How can pricing structures in ports be best explained; are they based on a specific historical trajectory in each port, or based on economic logic, asks Peter de Langen. 09 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Compliments and comments

    COMMENT: The development plan for Hong Kong Port, released December 2014, makes interesting reading for port planners and developers; my compliments to all stakeholders including the consultant BMT Asia Pacific, writes Peter de Langen. 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Out of the frying pan

    COMMENT: Things are getting serious on the US West Coast: due in part to ongoing negotiations with labour at US West Coast ports not enough potatoes have been getting through to Japan for McDonald’s to meet demand for its French fries, writes Mike Mundy. 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Mediterranean battleground

    COMMENT: With top of the range containership sizes heading over the 20,000 teu mark and new mega alliance start-ups underway, Mediterranean transhipment operations are heading into a new era. 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Digitalisation: not my business?

    Kalmar's Frank Kho explains the benefits that increased digitalisation brings to the port sector 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Integrate with information

    ABB's Fredrik Johansson and Björn Henriksson explain why integration can meet changing container trade dynamics 10 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Fight or flight?

    COMMENT: Just as the goalposts came into view, the Chinese have seen their port privatisation dreams in Greece not just moved but completely dismantled and removed from the field, writes Carly Fields. 06 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • The tail wagging the dog

    COMMENT: The vessel design and ports businesses should run on parallel paths, but they do not; instead, they are on divergent tracks, writes Barry Parker. 22 Jan 2015 - Port Strategy