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The Analyst

Shipping and the physical internet
COMMENT: The term ‘physical internet’ has emerged in recent years as a metaphor for the future of freight transport. While the metaphor possibly obscures more than it enlightens, it nevertheless makes sense to explore the implications for ocean shipping, writes Peter de Langen. 06 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
The benefits of togetherness
COMMENT: In fully private markets, the ‘invisible hand’ ensures the survival of the fittest, writes Peter de Langen. 03 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
Dealing in intermodal truths
COMMENT: The Inland Terminal conference in Basel in November brought together an interesting mix of stakeholders in intermodal logistics. I shared with delegates some of the findings of research on intermodal connections, based on a database developed by Intermodal Links, writes Peter de Langen. 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Measuring value at city ports
COMMENT: Should port development differ between metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas? Definitely, in my view, writes Peter de Langen. 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Sense of green port dues
COMMENT: In a recent academic conference in Hamburg, various papers addressed differentiated port dues for green ships partly to address the European Commission’s evident favouritism of such an approach, writes Peter de Langen. 03 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Value in port clusters
COMMENT: It is increasingly understood that ports are spatial clusters of interrelated economic activities, such as chemical plants, energy plants, construction plants (for instance for components of offshore wind installations), warehouses, and terminals as well as a variety of business services, writes Peter de Langen. 05 Sep 2016 - Port Strategy
Cruising for better port pricing
Cruises are increasingly relevant in port development so taking a look at pricing can be insightful, writes Peter de Langen. 03 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy
Balancing public with private
COMMENT: Associated British Ports, the leading UK port developer and operator, announced a masterplan through to 2035 for one of its ports, Newport in Wales, writes Peter de Langen. 27 May 2016 - Port Strategy
Commercial not political decision-making
COMMENT: Port reform processes gradually lead to a port industry where port authorities remain under government ownership, but have autonomy, are financially self-sustaining and operate as port development companies, writes Peter de Langen. 14 Apr 2016 - Port Strategy
Tapping into growth potential
COMMENT: A quick way to get an understanding of the development potential of the ports industry in a country is to look at the throughput per capita, writes Peter de Langen. 26 Mar 2016 - Port Strategy
Starting on the right footing
COMMENT: Last year was a year of differing fortunes for Belgium seaports, writes Peter de Langen. 24 Feb 2016 - Port Strategy
Integration key to development
COMMENT: In many countries, port development and the development of, often adjacent, sites for industrial activities is traditionally done by different, state-owned entities, writes Peter de Langen. 25 Jan 2016 - Port Strategy
The port value calculation
COMMENT: Like other sectors of the global industry, ports are keen to point out their national economic impact, writes Peter de Langen. 03 Nov 2015 - Port Strategy
Port co-operation and mega-ships
COMMENT: In the, often heated, discussions on the effects of mega-ships on shoreside infrastructure, let’s include the question of co-operation between nearby ports, writes Peter de Langen. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy
Under one roof
COMMENT: APM Terminals has announced that it will invest more than $2bn in a new port in Nigeria, its largest single investment in a port ever. 07 Sep 2015 - Port Strategy
Vying for attention
COMMENT: There’s certainly been a lot of chatter around New York about infrastructure and about the local port authority, but most of the press, traditional media and online coverage has not been about maritime things. The biggest headlines have been garnered by plans for a new $4bn revamp of the 1960s vintage LaGuardia Airport (which, sensibly, would include a ferry link to the business areas of Manhattan), writes Barry Parker. 07 Sep 2015 - Port Strategy
Are mega-ships such an imposition?
COMMENT: The OECD report on the effects on mega-ships provides valuable insights for all players in the port industry. While I do not wish to discuss those, I would like to focus on an – in my view - important flaw in the report: the suggestion that mega ships impose infrastructure costs on the public sector, writes Peter de Langen. 27 Jul 2015 - Port Strategy
Forward plan to manage transitions
COMMENT: In Antwerp, the closure of the GM plant makes a huge site available for re-development, while in Rotterdam, one of the refineries (currently owned by Q8) is up for sale, writes Peter de Langen. 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy
Belief in Canadian container prospects
COMMENT: Last month, DP World bought the Maher terminal in Prince Rupert, with a 2014 throughput of a little over 600,000 teu for more than a half billion US dollar - just under $1,000 per teu handled, writes Peter de Langen. 27 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy
Don't downplay trust issues
COMMENT: The OECD recently published a report with a global outlook on freight transport - the Freight Outlook 2015 - including a forecast for the volumes handled by ports in various regions of the world, but can it be trusted, asks Peter de Langen. 03 Apr 2015 - Port Strategy