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  • Demand versus counting beans

    Lo and behold, the container shipping executives have discovered that they cannot control their own pricing. What an earth-shattering revelation; how much do they earn to come up with this news? 02 Apr 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Applying the economic paradox

    We have come across the term 'paradox', when the opposite of what one expects happens; can we apply it to economics? Of course we can. 26 Mar 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Economic recovery lacks traction

    Four years after the official end of the Great Recession and we are still struggling to find sustained recovery. Have we become accustomed to high levels of unemployment, and low levels of consumer confidence combined with low levels of sales? Have the economic experts hit a brick wall with no further ideas of how to re-vitalise the economies? 12 Feb 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Is the patient getting better?

    Now that the US Government is back at work, the new German Government well installed and China setting off with new economic reforms, it seems that all and sundry are trying to work out if we are solidly back on the road to recovery or still stumbling along a rocky path. 19 Dec 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Bringing problems in bulk

    According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), coal consumption will decline in Europe and the US, but will continue to rise in India and China, nearly doubling in consumption primarily intended for electricity generation by 2035. 23 Oct 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Dramatic changes on horizon

    The press in Europe, Asia and North America is full of reports that economic recovery has returned and that the recessionary path has been left behind. 26 Sep 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Sharp end of the financial stick

    Decisions related to money transfers may have an impact on shipping: diaspora remittances are the biggest foreign currency earner for many of the poorest nations in the world as well as for some others, such as Egypt. 29 Aug 2013 - Port Strategy

  • A conference by any other name

    The shipping industry is a strange thing: it struggles to compete with itself. This is true of both the liner and the bulk sectors where, generally, pricing is an open field for jousting and often leads to bloodshed when prices drop below sustainable levels as we have witnessed on a number of occasions in the last five years. 18 Jul 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Economic realities continue to bite

    The concept of active government support during economic downturns (Keynesian economics) versus Milton Friedman’s Chicago School favouring monetarism - whereby government did not expand money supply nor support easy credit and tax and spend policies - remain at loggerheads. 30 May 2013 - Port Strategy

  • A three speed world

    The global economy has entered an interesting phase of development where there are no locomotives pulling the rest of the world into prosperity and where we have a mixed bag of economic development not supporting common expansion. 23 May 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Pain of austerity gets personal

    The global economy is trying to recover from the Great Recession with varying medicines being applied. The United States, sequestration aside, continues with an expansionary policy supported by the Federal Reserve. Japan’s new Prime Minister, Abe is going all out for government-led expansion and many of the Asian countries are following suit, including China. 24 Apr 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Tariff war stirs up European tension

    The economics of austerity are impacting the ports and terminals of Europe. Cargo volumes are declining, both in the container and bulk trades. As with the rest of the shipping industry, we are seeing increased price competition as capacity goes up. 14 Mar 2013 - Port Strategy

  • End of the world is nigh

    The world did not end on December 21st as the believers in the Mayan calendar believed that it would. So, now the focus should be on economic development and the expectation that growth is inevitable. Consumption is always on an upward path barring a few hiccups aptly named recessions. 10 Jan 2013 - Port Strategy

  • Austerity's long reach

    Travelling through Asia makes one realise how small the world really is. The economic crisis in Europe and the slow recovery in the US are impacting the Asian economies to an extent that the Great Recession did not manage to do. 05 Dec 2012 - Port Strategy

  • The right time to invest

    The market is full of news reports of investments and potential investments being made by terminal operators, ship owners and operators. Can this be true when we are in an environment of declining growth in Europe, slowing economic activity in Asia and flat lining in the US? 08 Nov 2012 - Port Strategy

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