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An ear to the ground
COMMENT: A major news item during an uncharacteristically busy August was the announcement by A.P. Moller-Maersk that it would be de-accessioning its oil production business, in a deal worth $7.5bn including shares and debt, writes Barry Parker. 09 Oct 2017 - Port Strategy
Attractions of port property
COMMENT: For ports around the US, the news is good. With an economy that’s chugging along very nicely, volumes of imports are projected to reach record levels as transits and port calls of neo-panamax ships become commonplace, writes Barry Parker 22 Aug 2017 - Port Strategy
Get to the cargo interests
COMMENT: While this year's Marine Money week in New York did not feature any specific sessions on port financing, it did serve as an important reminder of cargo in the shipping mix, in which ports play a pivotal role, writes Barry Parker. 30 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Mixing cargo and commuters
COMMENT: This year, ferry transport is all the rage, at least around New York, writes Barry Parker. 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Play at their own game
COMMENT: US political news has attracted quite a bit of attention of late. Much like a good reality show on TV striving for good ratings, the newsmakers have succeeded in creating a good - albeit maddening - formula for boosting viewer and readership, writes Barry Parker. 05 May 2017 - Port Strategy
A question of branding
COMMENT: Walking around a large cruise shipping expo in Florida - where I escaped yet another New York snowstorm - I found representatives of an industrial port in Brazil, São Sebastião, emphasising its blue water, lush surroundings and its proximity to São Paulo as its key notes to attracting cruise lines, writes Barry Parker. 03 Apr 2017 - Port Strategy
Trade thinking of Millennials
COMMENT: Maritime business always presents a conflict between old and new; as New York basked in warm weather, I heard about generational change at a Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) lunch; but later the same day, celebrated old tugboats at a big dinner hosted by the Working Harbor Committee, writes Barry Parker. 06 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
Winds of change blow in
COMMENT: We've heard it before, but that didn't stop the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo - perhaps a future Democratic candidate for the White House (yes, I know, it's four years away) - making a big push for offshore wind farms, writes Barry Parker. 03 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
Taking sustainability seriously
COMMENT: In early November, a high level group of advisors to the United Nations Secretary General - with several maritime business people on the team - issued a report on 'Mobilising sustainable transport for development', writes Barry Parker. 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Lesser of two evils
COMMENT: By the time readers see this article, the 2016 US Presidential election will be underway. But like many US voters, right now I am still scratching my head and trying to figure out which candidate is the lesser of two evils, writes Barry Parker.  30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Shout louder to counter opposition
COMMENT: The word NIMBY (not in my backyard) has taken on a new dimension in New York, with the rampant opposition to a plan, floated by the Coast Guard, that would open ten new anchorages along the Hudson River, north of the city, writes Barry Parker. 03 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
A model for co-operation
COMMENT: Fragmentation, however you define the word, is a fact of life when it comes to shipping and to the maritime businesses and organisations which touch it, writes Barry Parker. 05 Sep 2016 - Port Strategy
Slow burning global issues
COMMENT: New York is miles away from London, the epicenter of the shock waves that were generated in late June’s Brexit - Britain's referendum to leave the EU - vote, writes Barry Parker. 03 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy
Not all disruptors are equal
COMMENT: Disruption is in the air - or should we say, on the water since this article is about seaports, and will not mention drones. Although one could argue that a widened Panama Canal is really an expansion, not a disruption, and that reconfiguring alliances of large carriers is, likewise, a continuation of an ongoing trend, writes Barry Parker. 27 May 2016 - Port Strategy
Learning from bulk lessons
COMMENT: Some folks were missing from an early April meeting of New York Maritime, or NYMAR, part of the New York Maritime Consortium, writes Barry Parker. 14 Apr 2016 - Port Strategy
Cyber: just another risk to manage
COMMENT: One theme running through New Yorker opinion pieces is the need for ports to break out of silos to acknowledge the greater good of a particular port, writes Barry Parker. 26 Mar 2016 - Port Strategy
Perfect storm for US ports
COMMENT: New York seems to be full of 'perfect storms' lately, with a real life blizzard - which featured record-setting snowfalls - and multi-day closures of terminals, writes Barry Parker. 24 Feb 2016 - Port Strategy
Dancing to a different tune
COMMENT: Ports need to be making soothing noises, not just loud noises, about their importance, writes Barry Parker. 25 Jan 2016 - Port Strategy
Great social etiquette
COMMENT: Ports are getting #social, and that’s a #good thing. While some maritime folks (including at least one New Yorker that I know) are proud to be Luddites, the eyeballs of the general population are increasingly online., writes Barry Parker. 03 Nov 2015 - Port Strategy
Getting back in sync
COMMENT: In the past, I’ve sounded off about the port side of the business being out of sync with the carrier side: vessels are, frankly, way too big for terminals, writes Barry Parker. 10 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy