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Terms and conditions
Pitching a port tender just right can be a minefield. Alex Hughes reports 06 Nov 2017 - Port Strategy
Driving down noise
Noise abatement from piling activities is now easier to achieve, finds Dave MacIntyre 20 Jul 2017 - Port Strategy
Laying down tracks
Fine tuning port-rail operations is key to realising the full potential of rail traffic, reports Alex Hughes 03 Apr 2017 - Port Strategy
Concrete solutions
HamidReza Hassanli, Ehsan Emamifard Naeeni and Mansoureh Hasanzadeh discuss their experiences with self-compacting concrete 03 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
Under attack
Corrosion has the power to slash the life span of port structures, explains John Bensalhia 24 Feb 2016 - Port Strategy
Conflict avoidance
Conflict and opposition – an inevitable response to any major dredging project? A new concept says it doesn’t have to be that way. Felicity Landon reports. 27 Jul 2015 - Port Strategy
Faster, deeper, cheaper
Underwater, floating, sand-filled or rock-strengthened; breakwaters come in all shapes and sizes finds Felicity Landon 12 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy
High maintenance
Independent maintenance, repair and overhaul companies are making their mark, as John Bensalhia finds out 15 Jan 2014 - Port Strategy
Treating your piles
<p>While cathodic protection is an acknowledged preventative measure for new construction, the technology is seldom used on ageing structures, reports Patrik Wheater</p> 14 Nov 2007 - Port Strategy
Science behind the magic
<p>Cathodic Protection reduces the corrosion of metal surfaces by making the steel surface the cathode of an electro-chemical cell by using either a galvanic sacrificial anode, usually an electrochemically active alloy such as aluminium, zinc or magnesium, or by using an impressed current system.</p> 14 Nov 2007 - Port Strategy
Alternative to ultrasonics
Visual inspection and ultrasonics may be the most used forms of inspection for ALWC,but RTD Group also recommends RTD INCOTEST (which stands for INsulated COmponent TEST), a unique corrosion survey method that allows ferrous objects to be surveyed without the need to make contact with the surface. This means that measurements can be performed on objects covered with insulation, asbestos, fire proofing, concrete or coatings, thus avoiding the expense of removing such coatings.   01 Nov 2006 - Port Strategy
Eating into the Bottom Line
Accelerated low water corrosion is becoming more widespread in sheet piling. David Foxwell looks at the latest thinking on how to tackle port nasties 01 Nov 2006 - Port Strategy
Pavement performance revisited
Nigel Nixon BSc, CEng, FICE, PE and Mark Smallbridge BSc, CEng, MICE, PE, two well known &quot; names&quot; in pavement design, put the case for roller compacted concrete pavement design in heavy duty applications 01 Jun 2006 - Port Strategy
As highlighted above, although accidents have been relatively rare, passenger safety is of interest to everyone in the industry, and, with this in mind, a new safety device for ferry linkspans has been produced jointly by Royal Haskoning and Bosch Rexroth. 01 Dec 2004 - Port Strategy
A new design code for the design of ro-ro ramps, linkspans and walkways - British Standard 6349 Part 8 - is due to be published early next year, enabling ro-ro infrastructure to be planned, designed and built to an acceptable common set of rules, as explains. 01 Dec 2004 - Port Strategy
Despite extensive research now being undertaken, for the time being there is little comprehensive, independent, user-friendly guidance available about Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC), perhaps the most serious problem affecting steel piling in ports and harbours today. David Foxwell investigates. 01 Sep 2004 - Port Strategy
Another way to reinforce steel piling that has been subjected to ALWC is to use a reinforcing concrete. UK-based Flexcrete uses a wide range of purpose-designed marine mortars, sprayed mortars and unique cementitious coatings based on its advanced microsilica, polymer and fibre technology, to protect marine structures. 01 Sep 2004 - Port Strategy
Concrete's value within the port environment is almost unlimited. And fresh innovations incorporating its use are appearing all the time, as David Foxwell discovers. 01 Jun 2004 - Port Strategy
A new deep water jetty for ro-ro ferries serving the Orkney Isles has recently entered service that makes extensive use of concrete, both in the decking for the jetty and as a means of reinforcing the piles on which it sits. 01 Jun 2004 - Port Strategy
Although generally speaking more resistant to corrosion and other forms of degradation than steel piles or many other marine structures, over the course of time concrete may itself need additional protection. 01 Jun 2004 - Port Strategy