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Planning & Design

Fostering innovation
Startups can bring fresh thinking to sometimes staid port practises, explains Iain MacIntyre 06 Nov 2017 - Port Strategy
Ready or not
Building ports ‘future ready’ is becoming harder to achieve, finds Felicity Landon 09 Oct 2017 - Port Strategy
Code red
Cyber attacks are real and coming to a port near you, warns Dave MacIntyre 22 Aug 2017 - Port Strategy
Crunch time
Ships that go bump in the night are an all-too-common occurrence. Alex Hughes reports 22 Aug 2017 - Port Strategy
Realistic about resilience
Ports need to create robust recovery plans to cover all eventualities, finds Alex Hughes 20 Jul 2017 - Port Strategy
Sound probe
Dave McIntyre examines the emerging trend to monitor underwater noise levels at ports 05 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Plugging leaks
Oil spill technology needs more interest from the private sector, finds Martin Rushmere 05 May 2017 - Port Strategy
State intervention
Governments face increased pressure to take more interest in foreign port investment, finds Martin Rushmere 03 Apr 2017 - Port Strategy
Finding allies
It's high time that terminals followed lines and ports and get in on the partnerships act finds Felicity Landon 06 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
Strange future
The rise of unmanned vessels and low-cost smart shipping could revolutionise ports, writes Stevie Knight 03 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
Iceland's Finnafjord port inches closer
Bremenports has become a development partner for the new Finnafjord port project in Iceland, edging the project a little closer to realisation. 01 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
An App a day
Ports may have been slow on the uptake, but mobile apps are now on the agenda. Felicity Landon reports 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Adding value
Boushehr port’s Mansoureh Hasanzadeh and Seyed Navid Miremarati see the worth in Value Engineering 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Foot on the gas
Ports are increasingly investing in LNG infrastructure, as Alex Hughes discovers 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Moving by tube
Stevie Knight and Petar Pajevic examine the latest last mile technologies 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
The innovator's dilemma
Ignore original innovation at your peril, say Valenciaport Foundation's Jonas Constante and Alexandre Pérez 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Gradual acceptance
If it's safe the industry will embrace augmented reality, finds Martin Rushmere 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Modal moves
Shifting the cargo mode is a move that all ports can pursue, explains Martin Rushmere 03 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Ineffective port funding
A new report by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) says that most EU funding has been targeted at ineffective and unsustainable port developments. 28 Sep 2016 - Port Strategy
Don’t skimp
Cutting corners with the masterplan could cost ports a lifetime of missed revenue. Lara Shingles reports 03 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy