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Planning & Design

Code red
Cyber attacks are real and coming to a port near you, warns Dave MacIntyre 22 Aug 2017 - Port Strategy
Crunch time
Ships that go bump in the night are an all-too-common occurrence. Alex Hughes reports 22 Aug 2017 - Port Strategy
Realistic about resilience
Ports need to create robust recovery plans to cover all eventualities, finds Alex Hughes 20 Jul 2017 - Port Strategy
Sound probe
Dave McIntyre examines the emerging trend to monitor underwater noise levels at ports 05 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Plugging leaks
Oil spill technology needs more interest from the private sector, finds Martin Rushmere 05 May 2017 - Port Strategy
State intervention
Governments face increased pressure to take more interest in foreign port investment, finds Martin Rushmere 03 Apr 2017 - Port Strategy
Finding allies
It's high time that terminals followed lines and ports and get in on the partnerships act finds Felicity Landon 06 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
Strange future
The rise of unmanned vessels and low-cost smart shipping could revolutionise ports, writes Stevie Knight 03 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
Iceland's Finnafjord port inches closer
Bremenports has become a development partner for the new Finnafjord port project in Iceland, edging the project a little closer to realisation. 01 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
An App a day
Ports may have been slow on the uptake, but mobile apps are now on the agenda. Felicity Landon reports 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Adding value
Boushehr port’s Mansoureh Hasanzadeh and Seyed Navid Miremarati see the worth in Value Engineering 05 Dec 2016 - Port Strategy
Foot on the gas
Ports are increasingly investing in LNG infrastructure, as Alex Hughes discovers 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Moving by tube
Stevie Knight and Petar Pajevic examine the latest last mile technologies 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
The innovator's dilemma
Ignore original innovation at your peril, say Valenciaport Foundation's Jonas Constante and Alexandre Pérez 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Gradual acceptance
If it's safe the industry will embrace augmented reality, finds Martin Rushmere 30 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Modal moves
Shifting the cargo mode is a move that all ports can pursue, explains Martin Rushmere 03 Oct 2016 - Port Strategy
Ineffective port funding
A new report by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) says that most EU funding has been targeted at ineffective and unsustainable port developments. 28 Sep 2016 - Port Strategy
Don’t skimp
Cutting corners with the masterplan could cost ports a lifetime of missed revenue. Lara Shingles reports 03 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy
Embrace the data
Ports need to take the leap into the unknown to capitalise on data-related gains, finds Carly Fields. 03 Aug 2016 - Port Strategy
APMT’s ‘terminal by module’ vision
APM Terminal’s head of terminal design and automation has outlined the concept of ‘terminal by module’ at TOC Europe’s 40th annual industry gathering. 23 Jun 2016 - Port Strategy