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Locks without keys
Security systems need to take a blended approach, finds Martin Rushmere 22 Aug 2017 - Port Strategy
APMT terminals re-open after cyber crash
All APM Terminals facilities affected by a cross-border cyber attack last month are now open, according to parent company AP Moller Maersk. 05 Jul 2017 - Port Strategy
APMT crippled by Petya cyber attack
International operator APM Terminals has been hit by a cross-border cyber attack which has sent IT systems down across multiple terminals and business units. 27 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Coordination key to port security
Following an alleged vessel bomb threat at the Port of Charleston in South Carolina, American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) has said that resource coordination is key to security. 23 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Preparing for the unexpected
Emergency planning, defensible decision making and long-term strategies are crucial to ports in times of crisis, as TMG's Tony Birr and Les Chapman explain 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Lacking resiliency focus
Too often ports wait for a disaster to put in place proper resilience planning. Alex Hughes reports 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Cyber risks of increased automation
With increasing automation of systems and equipment, expect a marked uptick in the number of cyber attacks on ports, a security specialist has warned. 29 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
Repelling terrorist attacks
Ports need to seriously consider implementing hostile vehicle mitigation measures, finds Barry Cross 06 Mar 2017 - Port Strategy
Security sentinels
Unmanned ground vehicles promise to ease port security burdens, explains Alex Hughes 03 Feb 2017 - Port Strategy
Cyber smart
Ports looking to get smarter need to consider the cyber risks, advises Felicity Landon 05 Sep 2016 - Port Strategy
Secure futures
John Bensalhia looks at how port security can be improved safely and cost effectively 25 Jan 2016 - Port Strategy
A watchful eye
Chuck Dougherty outlines his top five must-have port security initiatives for 2016 25 Jan 2016 - Port Strategy
US tackles port cyber security
As more US ports turn to automation to increase the efficiency of their operations, the House Homeland Security Committee warns they could be at risk of cyber-attacks. 09 Oct 2015 - Port Strategy
Data security headache
The growth potential of data is undisputed, but what does this mean for privacy? Felicity Landon reports 07 Sep 2015 - Port Strategy
Singapore taps Big Data benefits
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is working with IBM to develop and test new analytics-based technologies to help improve safety, security and vessel traffic at the global port hub. 27 Aug 2015 - Port Strategy
Safeguarding against terrorism
A new training project has been launched to help deliver improved training tools and techniques in response to terrorism threats aimed at Europe’s critical infrastructure, including ports. 23 Jun 2015 - Port Strategy
Data overdrive
Cyber attack risks are real and coming to a port near you very soon, finds Carly Fields 29 May 2015 - Port Strategy
Staying on the radar
VectorUSA’s Chris Kyaw explains why terminals are soft targets for terrorists 18 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy
Taking a new security approach
Rapiscan Systems’ Andrew Goldsmith discusses how ports can make best use of security screening 16 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy
Ensuring security with modular system
UK-based Securiclad has developed a modular composite panel system designed to withstand high level attacks in a range of applications, including cargo terminals and ports. 22 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy