Open architecture is key to development

21 Sep 2017
Kalmar Key

Following the launch of Kalmar Key, Kalmar is making available a range of additional software interfaces

A shared terminal automation ecosystem will provide more scope for development and the ability to deliver affordable automation.

Following the launch of Kalmar’s open terminal automation platform Kalmar Key, Jari Hämäläinen, director of terminal automation at Kalmar said that the company is making available a range of additional software interfaces that opens the application-independent core software components of its terminal automation system for use by developers.

Mr Hämäläinen stresses this is a major development because “it's an open architecture. Because it enables developers to create something significantly broader than the existing capabilities of our TLS (Terminal Logistics System).

“Because it enables developers to bring automation to new kinds of equipment at an affordable price, a direction of development also ongoing at Kalmar.”

Accessing core functionality

He stated that previously Kalmar TLS has only provided application-specific interfaces for a limited number of functionalities, such as connecting other systems with the TOS (Terminal Operating System).

Accessing the core functionality of the automation platform though the opening of interfaces will enable terminal operators to be able to customise and develop their systems in-house or with their preferred partners, he said.

Software and hardware developers can also create their own solutions that can be integrated with the Kalmar TLS.

Mr Hämäläinen added: “Ultimately, we believe that opening these interfaces will lead to the creation of completely new business and innovation ecosystems around terminal automation, and boost the development of the entire industry.”

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