Trailer positioning system for New York

01 Sep 2005
NYCT: four truck lanes under each crane.

NYCT: four truck lanes under each crane.

Four super post-Panamax cranes recently delivered to New York Container Terminal (NYCT) by Liebherr Container Cranes feature an ultramodern trailer positioning system (TPS).

VECON LPNR and CNR systems will be installed on the six berths at the Busan New Port North Container Terminal, whilst in Hong Kong AVT will provide the River Trade Terminal, which caters for trade with the Pearl River region, with a 'Gate-Out Processing Automation solution' by installing VECON-CON on 5 out-lanes at the terminal.

The objective of the system is to enable precise positioning of trailers under crane span for rapid load/unload motions. Laser scanners mounted at sill beam level are employed on each crane, coupled with signal lighting systems for truck drivers at end-carriage level. Each scanner services one truck lane. A signal light mimic panel is also provided in a convenient position in the crane driver's cabin. At NYCT there are four truck lanes under each crane. The system software is designed to position 20'/40'/45' and 2 x 20' containers optimally under the crane.

In operation, truck drivers position trailers in the service lane target area and a confirmation light denotes optimum positioning for the next crane motion. Gantry truck inching is thereby eliminated and the crane driver can load or unload intensively to the same ship bay.

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