Outrage at DPW Brisbane failings

22 Oct 2014
Dark times: Brisbane

Dark times: Brisbane "nightmare" for shippers. Credit: Robert Pratt

The performance of DP World’s automated Brisbane terminal has come in for a rebuke by customers. Several went public with their criticisms, one calling DPWA’s service in Brisbane “a nightmare” and another saying there had been “endless dramas unforseen” with “charges beyond belief”.

The complaints followed repeated failures over several months of the automated modules at DPWA’s new A$250m terminal.

DP World said in January that its new operating system had been ”run in parallel” and “extensively tested for some months”, and had since said that since implementation, initial teething problems had been overcome and that the situation was getting better.

However after repeated complaints, the company issued a bulletin to customers in August which accepted poor service delivery had occurred.

“The transition of the DP World Brisbane automation project has not been without its challenges and has at times impacted directly on our customers and their service providers, namely the transport carriers,” DP World manager of operations Glenn Wayne wrote in the bulletin. “ASC [automated stacking crane] reliability has been well below acceptable levels.”

Mr Wayne said that reasons for the failure in performance standards included equipment failure, software issues and weather.

Australian National Line (ANL) has threatened to stop using DPWA Brisbane if the situation does not improve.

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