Sydney rebranding precursor to new terminal announcement?

The Harbour Port Development Partners (HPDP) and the Port of Sydney have announced its proposed new container terminal will be known as Novaporte.

Sydney has set aside nearly 2000 acres for the terminal development and its adjacent logistics park, which will be called Novazone.

It is believed that the rebranding will lead to announcements later this year about the contraction of the major, ultra-modern container terminal.

Albert Barbusci, chief executive officer of HPDP, said: “Nova is Latin for new and port is spelt with an E to recognise that this will be a gateway and transhipment hub.”

“When completed Novaporte will be the most modern, efficient, lowest cost and greenest port in America,” he added.

The terminal’s goal is to host ultra-large container ships with capacities of 16,000 TEUs and above.

HPDP is being partnered by Canadian developers Canderel for the project. While Cape Breton Regional Municipality has granted the HPDP exclusive rights to market and develop the port.

Representatives believe that the rebranding differentiates the container project from other projects at the Port of Sydney.

But, there are many components to the project which are still required, including; a contractor, a shipping line, a terminal operator and a financier.

Canadian and offshore funding partners are said to have been identified and building partners already include China Communication Construction Company and American corporation Bechtel.

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