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Owners and unions at loggerheads in Spain
The general assembly of the Spanish owners’ association Anesco has voted against accepting a pre-agreement reached with stevedoring unions, claiming it is anti-competitive and in breach of proposed new government legislation, which the unions oppose. 20 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Europe's dockers set July strike dates
The International Dockworkers Council (IDC) has announced plans to hold a Europe-wide strike in solidarity with Spanish dockers’ protests against liberalising reforms to Spain’s dock labour system. 19 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Cosco confirms Noatum buy-in
Cosco Shipping Ports Ltd has confirmed its buy-in of 51% of Noatum Ports terminals including Valencia and Bilbao, as well as the dry ports of Madrid and Zaragoza. 14 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
"No confidence" in APM Terminals Gothenburg, says SDU
An 18-month contract dispute between APM Terminals Gothenburg and the Swedish Dockworkers Union (SDU) is unlikely to be resolved soon, the SDU has said. 09 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
UK ports address terror threat
In the wake of the recent terror attacks which have taken place in the UK, British ports need to remain vigilant. 08 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Antwerp cements China ties
Port of Antwerp has signed a collaboration agreement with the port of Caofeidian which forms part of the Chinese “One Belt One Road” project. 07 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
FEPORT: Strategic approach needed for ports
Ports are key assets which require a more strategic approach from the European Commission over the next three years. 05 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Rotterdam looks to wind market
The Port of Rotterdam is banking on the renewables market by creating a new space for an offshore centre for wind energy at sea and the decommissioning of oil and gas platforms. 05 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
EC call for port experts
The European Commission’s directorate-general for mobility and transport has made a call for applications for a new group of experts called the ‘European Ports Forum’. 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Rotterdam gets nod for rail scheme
Sharon Dijksma, the state secretary for infrastructure and environment, has approved the Theemsweg Route decision to alter the course of the Port Railway Line in the port of Rotterdam. 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Marseille Fos promotes eco port dues
Marseille Fos has joined the World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) and is set to reduce port dues for ships performing better than required under air pollution regulations. 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Chances and challenges
There's renewed focus on the opportunities for Europe’s ports, as Felicity Landon explains 03 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
Go slows undermine Spanish port productivity
In Spain, the port employers’ association, Anesco, has criticised the decline in productivity of stevedores. 01 Jun 2017 - Port Strategy
BPA calls for better planning ahead of election
British Ports Association (BPA) called for trade facilitation, fast-tracked planning and connectivity investment, as it issued a briefing ahead of the UK general election on 8 June. 31 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Duty free fuel in ports post-Brexit
Creating a duty-free zone for fuel within UK ports could offset the negative impact of the potential re-introduction of customs clearance for UK business post-Brexit, according to managing director of independent logistics business Europa Worldwide Group, Andrew Baxter. 25 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Port markets at risk from GBER distortion
British Ports Association (BPA) chief executive, Richard Ballantyne, has warned against the distortion of competitive port markets with major public subsidies. 18 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Algeciras delays bidding deadline again
The uncertainty over stevedoring reform in Spain has again prompted the Port of Algeciras to again put back the deadline for bids for its third container terminal. 16 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Hamburg publishes digital insight for ports
A book addressing what digitalization can offer seaports aims to establish how this technology can help ports become more efficient and safeguard their futures. 11 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Stevedoring reform damaging Spain investment
Spain’s Development Minister, Íñigo de La Serna has announced that he will present new stevedoring legislation to the Cabinet “as soon as possible”.  05 May 2017 - Port Strategy
Mixed messages
The Black Sea’s terminal strategy fails to line up with statistics, finds Stevie Knight 05 May 2017 - Port Strategy