Work resumes at Sokhna

06 Nov 2012

Following reports of labour strikes which left operations idle at the Ain Al-Sokhna terminal, operated by DP World at the Port of Sokhna, workers have picked up where they left off.

It was reported last month that more than 2,700 port workers were on strike, affecting the Egyptian economy. The strikers were said to have been calling for the reemployment of eight co-workers who were fired for disciplinary reasons.

A spokesperson from DP World told Port Strategy: "We are pleased to announce that work has resumed at Sokhna. There has been no change in the management stance; the workers have chosen to resume work. We expect they will do so with renewed vigour to support their commitment to greater productivity and to mitigate the impact of the recent strike action on customers and the Egyptian economy.”

“We look forward to a more positive future, with our workers strongly focused on providing our customers with the quality service they have come to expect from DP World."

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