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  • Quickest to the draw

    Authorities and the public are watching to see who will be the first to act on green issues, says Martin Rushmere 11 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Morgan Stanley sells Montreal

    Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners has sold Montreal Gateway Terminals (MGT), the leading cargo container facility at Canada’s Port of Montreal, to a consortium that says it’s committed to promoting the port as an international hub. 10 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Taking off the blindfold

    TOS development remains a dark art for most terminals, but it needn’t be explains Stevie Knight 10 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • India dockers strike postponed

    The proposed dock strike to take place in India this week has been postponed by a week pending talks, says the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF). 09 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Business award for Mercator Media

    Mercator Media Limited, publisher of Port Strategy and GreenPort magazine and organiser of the GreenPort Congress and Cruise conference, has won a business excellence award for international development. 09 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • US west coast battles cargo backlog

    US west coast ports are working hard to clear months of backlogged cargo as a result of the extensive labour dispute, but it could be three months before there’s a clearing, and even longer before operations are back to ‘normal’. 09 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Pricing of transhipment by port authorities

    COMMENT: How can pricing structures in ports be best explained; are they based on a specific historical trajectory in each port, or based on economic logic, asks Peter de Langen. 09 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Breakthrough benefits

    Nanotechnology is full of beguiling promise; should ports grab some of the gains? Felicity Landon reports 09 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • ICTSI throughput up 18%

    International Container Terminal Services, Inc (ICTSI) reported an 18% increase in throughput for the year ended 31 December 2014, thanks in large part to new operations in South America. 05 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Melbourne rate hike draws criticism

    Proposed rate increases at Australia’s Port of Melbourne are leading to a call for greater transparency when it comes to where the funds are going. 05 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Brazilian labour protests block ports

    Protests by truck drivers in 10 of Brazil’s 26 states is affecting the delivery of cargo to a number of the country’s ports, and is likely to impact cargo availability, berthing schedules and loading operations in other places, says marine insurer, Skuld. 04 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Spain withdraws stevedoring reform plan

    The Spanish government has withdrawn its proposed stevedoring reform plan, having failed to win the support of the trade unions. Now, the government is to enter into direct negotiations with all concerned to draw up a document that all can support, although whether this will be sufficient to persuade the EU that Spain has come into line with competition directives in this area is open to debate. 04 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • New Montevideo quay reopens rights debate

    Following three years of construction, the new ‘C’ quay has opened at the Uruguayan port of Montevideo. Significantly, the port authority is considering the possibility of putting the operation of all public quays – including ‘C’ - and ship-to-shore cranes out to tender. 04 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • ZPMC helps erect new port in Taiwan

    A heavy-lift vessel belonging to Chinese state-owned ZPMC is reported to have been chartered by the Taiwanese government to transport construction materials to a $100m new port that it is building on the island of Tai Ping (also known as Itu Aba) in the South China Sea. 04 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • 'Pool of pools' uncovered

    When port operations slowdown, and cargo begins to build up, a port-wide gray chassis pool is said to be one of the best options for efficient chassis provisioning – something which Los Angeles and Long Beach are sticking to. 03 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Troubles escalate at Rotterdam World Gateway

    The hope for resumed discussions between Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) and the unions FNV Havens and CNV Vakmensen regarding employment terms for employees, have hit more trouble. 03 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • ICTSI pleas for union ‘punishment’ to stop

    International Container Terminals Inc (ICTSI) Oregon is calling for union workers to put an end to their three-year ‘punishment’, which it says is vital to getting the Port of Portland back on track. 02 Mar 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Unfinished business in the US

    Things are slowly picking up at US west coast ports since the ending of recent disruptive labour disputes, but Neil Davidson, senior analyst at Drewry, told Port Strategy they could “face real challenges going forwards”. 27 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Greece reverses privatisation block

    Under pressure from the European Commission, Greece has reversed its decision to abandon the privatisation of the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki. 25 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Barreiro could be more expensive than envisaged

    Portugal's Order of Engineers believes that the true cost of the new Barreiro container terminal on the south bank of the Tagus river in Lisbon will be more expensive than originally claimed. 25 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Savannah returns to Konecranes eRTGs

    Georgia Ports Authority has returned to Konecranes for 10 electric rubber-tyred gantry cranes for its Port of Savannah. After delivery in mid-2016, the port will have a total of 146 Konecranes RTGs. 25 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy

  • Valencia stevedores call off strikes

    Trade unions representing dock workers at the Port of Valencia have called off 12 days of planned strikes in support of their collective bargain agreement until existing national stevedoring issues in Spain are resolved. 25 Feb 2015 - Port Strategy