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  • Keeping an open mind

    The merger of Savona and Genova port authorities is far from a done deal, as Alex Hughes discovers 06 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • What does the future hold?

    Shipping lines are the centre of attention because the market is very dynamic, due to consolidation in the industry and vessels getting larger in terms of size and fleet. The container terminal industry is dynamic in almost the same way, but not as transparent, writes Daniel Schäfer 04 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Productivity up in 2013

    JOC’s latest Port Productivity database, which contains loading and unloading speeds for over 483 ports and 771 terminals, reveals that the top 25 operators in each region around the globe all increased productivity in 2013. 04 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Transhipment merry-go-round

    The fight for transhipment traffic in the Mediterranean shows no signs of weakening, finds Alex Hughes 04 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Ports America expands at Long Beach

    Ports America is expanding its box operations at the Port of Long Beach, with a 30% stake in rival container terminal operator, International Transportation Service (ITS). 01 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • World’s largest hydraulic material handler launched

    Finland’s Mantsinen Group has added a new addition, and also the world’s largest, hydraulic material handler to its range. 01 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • More Jade Software for North America

    Jade Software is to supply its terminal operating system (TOS), Jade Master Terminal, to Alabama Steel Terminals LLC (AST) – the 10th order from North America in 18 months. 01 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Making minerals count

    Despite the sensational headlines, ports are capitalising on iron ore potential. John Bensalhia reports 01 Aug 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Port development concerns

    The development of new ports and the expansion of existing ports is mostly determined by the market, but Drewry Shipping Consultants says a free market might not always be best. 31 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Spain tariff freeze to fund urgent upgrades

    Spain's National Ports Authority (Puertos del Estado) is proposing to freeze port tariffs at their current rates for 2015, having cut them in both 2014 and 2013. Last year's cut reduced the organisation's income by around €60m. 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Chilean port legislation could slash productivity

    Chile’s so-called ‘Short law on ports’ could cut productivity by around 20%, according to Francesco Schiaffino, general manager of Valparaiso box handling facility Terminal Pacífico Sur (TPS). 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Entering the modern era

    Haiti’s “first modern container terminal”, Port Lafito, operated by the GB Group, will benefit from a Tideworks terminal operating system (TOS). 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Ideal system for Holyhead management

    Stena Line has implemented a custom-built computer system to ensure the efficient port operations and management at the UK’s Port of Holyhead. 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Port of Tyne tests the water

    In its search for a solution for safely testing the efficacy of its mooring bollards, the UK’s Port of Tyne has found what it calls a “revolutionary” new product. 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Concession challenges apply worldwide

    COMMENT: I recently had the opportunity to discuss the challenges in granting concessions with a large number of port authorities in West and Central Africa, writes Peter de Langen. 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Building up environmental attributes

    Ports suffer from a lack of joined-up environmental information systems, says Actual IT's Gregor Veselko 30 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Strong performance by Gaussin

    Global handing solutions provider, Gaussin Manugistique, achieved a strong turnover in its half year accounts – €16.9m up by 170% on the same period last year. 29 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Dutch ports under EU tax break microscope

    An in-depth investigation into Dutch Corporate Tax Law has been launched by the European Commission to ensure fair competition between EU ports. 28 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • Connecting the process dots

    Ports are latecomers to the Enterprise Resource Planning party, as Iain MacIntyre discovers 28 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • New technology, old habits

    Terminal tractors need to balance sensitive features with regular rough handling, finds Stevie Knight 25 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • South Oz ports pre-mortem report

    Experts at the Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics at Victoria University in Australia have completed a “pre-mortem” report warning of the dangers of pushback by private operators and of the haste towards building a new port. 24 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy

  • APMT sells off US terminal

    APM Terminals is selling its state-of-the-art container terminal located in Portsmouth, Virginia, US, because it doesn’t want to remain a non-operating lessor of the facility to the Commonwealth of Virginia for the next 16 years. 23 Jul 2014 - Port Strategy