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Three is not a crowd
COMMENT: The maritime business, long a laggard in adapting to technological advancements, has been increasingly in the crosshairs of information advances, writes Barry Parker. 30 Aug 2018
Trade war: an oxymoron?
COMMENT: The world is clearly confused as to whether we definitely/maybe have a trade war on our hands, writes Ben Hackett. 30 Aug 2018
Migrant arrival at Port of Valletta
Malta’s Grand Harbour, or the Port of Valletta, has welcomed the arrival of a rescue ship carrying 141 migrants following a five-day dispute regarding where it could disembark them. 21 Aug 2018
Here cometh the trade war
COMMENT: Donald Trump went to the G7 meeting last month and effectively filed for divorce from Western democratic allies and aligned himself with President Putin. What can we read into this, asks Ben Hackett. 06 Aug 2018
Calls for Welsh ports to get free port status
Calls have been made for ports in Wales to be given free port status following the UK’s departure from the European Union. 14 Mar 2018
Spanish and Irish ports receive €2.4bn in EU funds
A European Commission report has revealed that the European Union has raised in the region of €2.4bn to finance some 100 port projects in both Spain and Ireland, as well as boosting the maritime economy in more peripheral regions of the trading block. 13 Mar 2018
Meaningful reform still absent
COMMENT: In Spain's ports, the wait goes on. The Spanish government is yet to unveil the detailed regulations that are intended to reflect the terms negotiated between port employers and dockworkers regarding the reform of Spain’s port labour arrangements, necessary to comply with EU legislation intended to make Europe’s ports more competitive. 05 Mar 2018
Overcoming the Davos hype
COMMENT: The 48th meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos from January 23 to January 26 generated a huge amount of optimism about world growth prospects, with business leaders and heads of state falling over themselves to highlight their contributions and views, writes Ben Hackett. 05 Mar 2018
Expiry date for data
Personal information is about to get a use-by date, writes Stevie Knight 30 Jan 2018
Port Services Reg "consigned to the dustbin"
The European Union’s Port Services Regulation will be "consigned to the dustbin" in the UK due to Brexit, shipping minister John Hayes has told members of the UK Major Ports Group. 29 Nov 2017
Dublin prepares for Brexit
The Irish port of Dublin is to build new road layouts, put up inspection sheds for more Customs officers and set aside land for the queues of trucks it is expecting when the UK leaves the European Union. 19 Oct 2017
Breaking ranks
COMMENT: The European Union-mandated liberalisation of Spain's port services, which generated a period of significant unrest in the sector earlier in the year, is progressively leaving in its wake a changed pattern of container handling along Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. 09 Oct 2017
A case of fake reforms?
COMMENT: To the outside world it looks like Spain has complied with its obligation to reform its port system. But has it, or more to the point will it when the formal deliberations of employers and unions are complete, asks Mike Mundy. 12 Oct 2017
Coal unpopularity impacts UK volumes
Freight handled by UK ports in 2016 was down 3% due to a reduced demand for coal imports. 05 Sep 2017
Goods could face post-Brexit delays at UK ports
The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has said that goods being imported into the UK could get stuck at ports and other points of entry for up to three days if British Prime Minister Theresa May does not reach a proper Brexit customs agreement with the European Union. 30 Aug 2017
Sauron EU project to tackle cyber security
A new EU project aims to ensure an adequate level of both physical and cyber protection for European ports and to limit, as far as possible, the detrimental effects of combined physical and cyber-attacks. 31 Jul 2017
State aid exemptions miss the mark
COMMENT: The long-awaited European Union policy on government investments in seaports and airports has both high and low points. The sad part is that the high points are mainly centred around airports, while the seaport part takes the lion’s share of low points, writes Peter de Langen. 20 Jul 2017
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