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    The Big Conversation - The Port of Tyne


    Covid-19, supply issues and global conflict have shaped how we deliver future and clean energy to the port sector, and help decarbonise shipping.

  • The Fit for 55 proposal extends the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) to voyages involving European ports

    Emission trading system - will it be effective?


    As part of the Fit for 55-package published in July last year, the Commission issued a proposal to include emissions from maritime in the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS), writes Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

  • Ian Blake, head of innovation and technology at the Port of Tyne

    Accelerating the net zero journey


    The Port of Tyne wants to share its port decarbonisation blueprint

  • Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

    Towards a sustainable TEN-T policy


    The European Commission has put another ambitious package on the table while we are still in the process of assessing the full implications of Fit-for-55, says Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO 

  • Ports such as Shoreham are investing in zero emissions infrastructure but also in new fuels and services, such as hydrogen

    Future is decarbonisation


    Port freight volumes are forecast to bounce back in the period to 2026 but post carbon cargo will shape the future

  • Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general of ESPO

    Call for FuelEU clarity


    European ports want coherent legislation on provision and use of clean energy infrastructure for ports.

  • Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

    Creating green energy hubs


    The EU Commission has published a whole series of proposals for Europe to reach a 55% emission reduction by 2030, writes Isabelle Ryckbost

  • The Cromarty Firth has positioned itself at the heart of Scotland’s offshore renewables industry Photo: Port of Cromarty Firth

    Offshore wind backing


    A UK port says it has welcomed a ‘vote of confidence’ for its planned offshore wind cluster.

  • Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

    Making the EU fit for 55


    If all goes well, on 14 July we will not only be commemorating the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille in 1789, but also be bearing witness to a green revolution in Europe, writes Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

  • Trelleborg's research says that sustainability remains a key consideration for businesses Photo: Trelleborg

    Serious about sustainability


    With increasing stakeholder expectations and regulations, the maritime industry finds itself at a pivotal point in the debate around sustainability, writes Richard Hepworth, president,Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure

  • Ports need to embrace a new energy roadmap going forward, Mr Yergin said

    A new energy roadmap


    Talk of energy transition needs to move on from what needs to be done to when it can be done.

  • The report the top players in the smart ports market, including the Port of Rotterdam Photo: Port of Rotterdam

    Smart tech explosion


    The smart ports market will be worth billions in just five years fuelled by the need to get greener.

  • Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

    Onshore power supply where it makes sense


    In the 2019 European Parliament, Vice President Timmermans clearly voiced his intention to tackle shipping emissions at berth in ports, writes Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO

  • For ESPO an ambitious OPS deployment plan must be accompanied by ambitious funding Photo: Hamburg Port Authority

    Overcoming onshore power issues


    Europe’s ports want to install more onshore power, but they’re often prevented from doing so because of costs or logistical issues.

  • Faster, greener container rail services are being more cost efficient says Samskip Photo: Samskip

    Green rail vs the all-water alternative


    Container rail between China and Europe is now more cost-efficient than the all-water alternative.

  • Being more resilient will bring a raft of benefits to ports Photo: Claudia Peters/Pixabay

    Resilience is key to decarbonise ports


    Embracing resilience to advance decarbonisation and address operational threats will be key to a port’s success going forward.

  • Antwerp says that rail transport can contribute significantly to solving the challenges in supply chains Photo: Port of Antwerp

    Antwerp backs rail in post-Covid era


    The Port of Antwerp says that the post-Covid era offers the perfect opportunity to invest in rail because of its sustainability, reliability and predictability.

  • Isabelle Ryckbost

    Zero-emission hubs


    Isabelle Ryckbost, secretary general, ESPO, shares her view on how ports can become zero emission hubs into the future.

  • Isabelle Ryckbost: “We now look forward to further discussing with the Commission what is really needed to assist and enable ports in Europe to play their role as engines of growth and recovery as best as they can" Photo: ESPO

    EU Mobility Strategy must include seaports, says ESPO


    ESPO has welcomed the new EU Mobility Strategy as paving the way for Green Deal implementation but warned it lacks vision on how to use ports as engines of growth and recovery.

  • Andy Barrons: “Automation will play a pivotal role as terminals continue working towards more efficient and resourceful operations" Photo: Cargotec

    Operators ‘eager’ to automate terminal operations


    A new report reveals an eagerness to automate terminal operations and benefit from increased efficiency and lower costs.