• Many companies in the Port of Rotterdam are reported as having a shortage of workers and many vacancies. Credit: Port of Rotterdam

    Not immune to labour shortfall


    Iain MacIntyre finds out how ports have had to overcome old-fashioned thinking to ensure a viable workforce in the future

  • In the male-dominated port business, it isn’t common to talk about mental health issues. Credit: 123rf

    Healthy both inside and outside


    There is still much to be done to address the issue of poor mental health among port workers, finds Kate Jones

  • Mental wellbeing in port workers deserves greater attention

    Shocking gap in mental health awareness in ports


    Mental health issues are not being properly addressed in ports — that’s the message from ex-workers and specialists in an exclusive Port Strategy (PS) feature.

  • Encouraging gender diversity needs to be started at the recruitment process

    Advancing the role of women


    The campaign to encourage more women into ports is gathering pace. Felicity Landon reports

  • Challenges remain to increasing the number of women in ports

    Don’t underplay workforce diversity demands


    Workforce diversity strategies for ports and terminals demand the same care and commitment as sales and marketing plans, according to a top Navis executive.

  • Human behaviour makes ports vulnerable. Credit: Anupong Sakoolchai

    Countering port workforce weak spots


    Iain MacIntyre speaks to experts in the field from around the world to examine the level of cyber security risk presented by the human factor in ports.

  • Uncompromising attitudes in the workplace can be distressing. Credit: 123rf

    Workplace bullying: a first-hand account


    Port Strategy follows up on the issue of bullying in ports with a first hand account of a former employee of an Australian port that claims to have suffered in its hands. Iain MacIntyre reports.

  • Dover is said to be investigating claims of inappropriate behaviour. Credit: Paul Wishart, 123rf

    Standing up to bullies in ports


    Iain MacIntyre asks key stakeholders if workplace harassment and bullying in ports is a global issue

  • Employee screening is vital for port workers

    Tackling the terrorist threat in ports


    Pinkerton’s Weynand Haitjema explains the options available to ports facing down sabotage from both within and without

  • At Tilbury a new simulator is no part of the training mix

    Training - to what degree?


    Apprenticeships or graduates? Felicity Landon considers the way forward in the ports industry

  • Gap: it is getting harder to find skilled port workers

    Labour challenge


    Are fully-owned port labour pools falling out of favour, asks Alex Hughes

  • New horizon: shipping now presents interesting career growth opportunities for IT practitioners

    Digital revolution


    Who do ports need on the team to be able to embrace digitalisation, Felicity Landon asks

  • Pull together: done effectively, teambuilding can develop relationships and bring people out of their shells. Credit: Forth Ports

    One for the team


    Motivating port teams is a worthwhile exercise, explains Felicity Landon

  • The union at DP World Southampton is one of the alliance members. Credit: DP World Southampton

    DP World under union microscope


    The International Transport Workers’ Federation is to target standards at DP World terminals around the world.

  • Steering a path: Auckland employee Johanna Hofmann takes to the controls on a portainer crane

    The gender divide


    Great strides have been made in breaking down the gender bias in ports, finds Dave MacIntyre