Ci5 is coming to Marseille-Fos!

15 days to go… From 16 October, the port communities of Marseille-Fos and Lyon in the port hinterland will be connecting with the latest technology by installing the next-generation Cargo Community System (CCS), Ci5*. This will bring the leading French port one step closer to becoming a smart port for managing its goods flows.

Port communities ready to connect with innovation
As of 16 October, Ci5 will manage all goods on ships calling at Marseille-Fos. Professionals have been keen to be among the first to use Ci5, with MGI providing training for over 1,200 people in Marseille, Fos and Le Havre since 3 September. All users trained have been able to access Ci5 once they have completed the course.

Ci5 in the digital mainstream
The speed with which MGI has developed this CCS connecting around fifteen sectors is quite remarkable. Ci5 is based on open source technologies and a service-oriented architecture. This was a strategic choice that will make the system easy to upgrade so it can regularly integrate new innovations, such as Big Data, IoT, Smart Containers, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.
Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, underlines that “We started with a blank page and consulted users throughout development. We also chose the best partners in Thales Services and CEA Tech. With our top-level operational and technical teams, we worked in start-up mode and adopted the AGILE** methodology to develop Ci5 in under three years.”

Made for users and by users
All modules covering import, export and transhipment goods handling will be rolled out on 16 October. This includes, Vessel, Cargo, Customs/Authorities, Terminal/Warehouse and Activity Monitoring for real-time goods tracking and management for all port transit. A Business Intelligence module is also included to provide performance indicators.

Ci5 moves away from AP+ jargon to adopt the terms used by professionals, such as booking, call and manifest.

MGI has integrated the following original innovations for greater operational efficiency:

  • activity management: centralised management of all events using the Dashboard and To Do List which alert users of urgent tasks to launch and priority operations to ensure that goods transit is not delayed
  • monitoring of ship calls: information on goods loading and unloading on ships in operation,
  • quick search engine: quick access to text data or user credentials that have already been entered in order to quickly pick up a file or case,
  • predictive text: quick search and access to information.

This saves considerable time, speeds up goods transit and makes the port community more competitive.

Jean-Philippe Salducci, President of the UMF (Marseille Fos Maritime and River Federation) declared that “we can only paint a true picture of the needs through cooperation and partnership. This explains the significant involvement of the Marseille-Fos port community in the development of Ci5 with MGI. This next-generation CCS required all the creativity of MGI teams and is the culmination of a controlled process - an example of how to cultivate a good idea until it bears fruit. Drawing on the characteristic tenacity and commitment of our port community, MGI is catapulting port clients, shippers and ship owners into a new, smoother, faster and more competitive era. We are all very proud!”

Ci5 has already received a Gold IT Award at the international IAPH conference in Bali in 2017. Other modules are under development, including bulk management, consolidated cargo, goods port dues and a mobile version, which will be made available in 2019.

* Cargo Intelligent System
** A process whereby adjustments can be made on the basis of user feedback, while continuing to integrate new functionalities

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