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  • In a European port

    Is “safe” really safe?


    In safety, as in the environment, there is often a gap between theory and practice. Tatiana Eggert, of HPTI, investigates

  • News

    Timber deck cargo under the spotlight


    An updated Code of Safe Practice for the carriage of timber cargo on deck is now being prepared for submission to the IMO’s DSC sub-committee. Mike Compton* reviews the probable changes to the Code

  • With an annual throughput of over 500,000 TEU

    Managing air quality and greenhouse gases


    The West African Port of Tema has been working on a project to manage air quality and reduce greenhouse gases. Harry Barnes-Dabban, Executive Co-ordinator, Ports Environmental Network-Africa (PENAf), reports

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    An Independent Professional


    In the first of three articles for GreenPort Journal, Captain Chris Haley, Secretary of the Australian Marine Pilots Association (AMPA), explains the role of the marine pilot

  • Nicolette van der Jagt

    EU transport policy – on the right road?


    Nicolette van der Jagt, secretary-general of the European Shippers Council, calls on regulators and industry to engage with each other to achieve sensible, practical emissions reductions policies

  • Rainbowing is an established means of delivering

    Dredging and nature conservation: one problem – many issues


    Conflicting dredging legislation can lead to inappropriate decisions being made that relate to local circumstances. Roger Morris*, of Bright Angel Coastal Consultants, considers the issues

  • Figure 1: The IMO’s NOx emission standards for new ship engines: Tier I applies from year 2000, Tier II from 2011, and Tier III from 2016 (the Tier III-standards apply only within NOX Emission Control Areas).

    Charge NOX emissions from ships


    Christer Ågren, of the Air Pollution & Climate Secretariat (AirClim), outlines the proposal to designate the Baltic Sea as a NOX emission control area

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    Harbour masters in ‘the Chain’


    In today’s maritime world, the role of the Harbour Master is critical not just for the effi cient docking and handling of vessels, but also in protecting the port environment, writes Ingrid Römers, Secretary of the European Harbour Masters’ Committee

  • Sound travels long distances under water

    Harbour noise and marine life


    Underwater noise in harbours is potentially damaging to marine mammals and fish. Increasingly, scientists are researching and publishing data on the impacts of various sources of underwater noise on different species. Eelco Leemans and Annemarie Kats of the North Sea Foundation explain

  • Companies such as CMA CGM have shown a real commitment to the environment.

    AirClim: “Europe needs Emissions Control Areas”


    Europe should follow the example of the US and Canada by establishing ECAs, says Christer Ågren of the Air Pollution & Climate (AirClim) Secretariat

  • I t is estimated that one out of every seven containers exported from the EU contains waste

    Time to end illegal international shipments of waste


    Major international container seaports and inland ports are crucial hubs for the transportation of waste streams, much of which is illegal. B.H. Ruessink and G.J.R. Wolters1 present the facts and threats – and make a call for action

  • Figure 1.

    Managing and monitoring fugitive dust emissions


    Sef van den Elshout* and Ernest Vrins* explain how fugitive dust emissions can be managed and monitored in a port area using real-time particulate matter measurements

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    BPA spotlight on port policy and sustainable development


    This year’s British Ports Association conference was hosted by the Milford Haven Port Authority. The Conference focused on UK Transport Policy, Port Markets and Sustainable Development. Kate Royston reports.

  • Correct management and assessment of air quality

    Air quality: top of the environmental agenda?


    Scientific research into air pollution at ports and climate change was top of the agenda at the HAQCC 2008 conference in Rotterdam, organised earlier this year. Sef van den Elshout of the DCMR Environmental Protection Agency in Rijnmond, reports.

  • News

    IMO meeting adopts revised ship emissions regulations


    The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) unanimously adopted amendments to the MARPOL Annex VI regulations to reduce harmful emissions from ships even further, when it met in October for its 58th session at IMO’s London ...

  • Port of Cork

    Safety and Environmental Management Certification


    IPSEM is a voluntary standard of practice and a certification scheme, developed by Bureau Veritas, for the management of safety and environmental protection in ports