Managing Director, Customs Manager Ltd 


Arne Mielken is a leading global trade professional in the UK and the EU and Managing Director of Customs Manager Ltd.

He is an accredited customs & export control practitioner and certified classification specialist. Arne is on a mission to empower businesses and people with import and export responsibilities with advice, consulting, training and trade intelligence to grow their businesses by trading across the border effectively, efficiently, and, of course, compliantly.

He holds a BA (Hons) on International Business and Modern Languages and an Executive MBA. He holds a Diploma in World Customs Compliance and Procedures. He is a member of the EU’s Trade Contact Group (TCG) od DG TAXUD and a member of the HMRC-sponsored Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC).

He often speaks at public events and writes on customs and global trade topics. He speaks German, English, French and Spanish.