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  • PANYNJ is running into problems on bridge raising and terminal operator relations. Credit: Mordy Steinfield

    Bridges to mend and to build


    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey appears to have hit a difficult patch in its trading life.

  • Any port finance, wherever it comes from, should be welcomed in these troubled times

    Welcome the investment outsiders


    Is the entrance of pension funds, infrastructure funds, private equity funds and other non-core investors into the international port investment arena a good thing? Of course it is.

  • Iranian sanctions and Nigerian turmoil could further disrupt oil markets. Credit:

    A oily mess by anyone's standards


    The latest monthly report from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries forecasts 2012 demand as 88.9m barrels per day (bpd), up slightly on a previous estimate of 88.87m bpd.

  • The opening of Maasvlakte 2 will have a significant competitive impact, according to Netherlands-based Policy Research Corp

    European capacity question resurfaces


    In sharp contrast to the fears just a few years back that north European ports were heading for a capacity crunch, today’s concern is that there will be too much capacity flooding onto the market too soon.

  • There is growing scope for celebratory industry award events

    The winner will now take the stage...


    Is the burgeoning prominence of TV shows such as the X Factor symptomatic of the fact that nowadays there is growing scope for industry award events?

  • Ports need to tread carefully to avoid co-operation in commercial areas

    Treading a fine line on co-operation


    “Co-operation” is today a sensitive word in the European port business. Against a background of European anti-trust officials raiding several of the world’s largest shipping lines to investigate possible collusion, port and terminal companies now have to tread very carefully on co-operation.

  • India has potential, but you need deep pockets and an awful lot of patience

    Deep pockets and a lot of patience


    Remember that base line rule in port planning, supply of new capacity must take place in advance of demand?

  • Dropped services from the CKYH Alliance point to dark times ahead

    Container rate slide sounds alarms


    The bush telegraph beats louder about crashing freight rates and, in turn, the prospect of hard rain falling in the container shipping line sector looms larger, threatening the recovery of container terminal throughput.

  • Ports should closely monitor liner markets fortunes

    Keep an eye on the container prize


    Ports and terminals would be well advised to monitor the potential fortunes of the container shipping sector over the next few months.

  • News

    Deal or no deal


    The level of deal activity in terms of terminal investment opportunities is steadily building.

  • Radiation from the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors could have far-reaching effects on trade

    Trade could suffer from the 'Japan effect'


    The impact of the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami on Japan’s imports and exports potentially has significant implications.

  • Port reforms can be drawn out with the World Bank route

    Banking on reforms can take its time


    If you go the World Bank route then invariably arriving at a conclusion about what type of port reforms to adopt will prove a long drawn out process based on a myriad of studies.

  • JadeWeserPort has set the cat among the pigeons in Germany's container handling market

    A question of capacity


    The challenge presented by maintaining the right level of port capacity is becoming more complicated.

  • The “favoured few” holding the country to ransom?

    Best job in the world


    In October an advertisement was placed in the French national press that said, “best job in the world” – become a crane operator at the port of Marseilles for €4000 a month, work 18 hours a week, enjoy eight weeks holiday a year and savour a job for life".

  • Independent container operators can dramtically improve new terminal prospects

    The case for independence


    It’s an old story but it is worth one reiterating that if a country has a single container terminal then it is a no brainer when it comes to deciding on the category of operator that should be awarded a concession under a privatisation initiative: independent container terminal operator every ...

  • News

    Pushback time for container shipping


    The roller coaster ride of container shipping continues.

  • Emma Maersk: one of the largest container ships in the world with a capacity of over 14,000 teu. Now Maersk is looking at 16,000 teu

    Expect the unexpected


    Rumour has it Maersk is in the market for a new generation of containership – a 16,000 teu vessel design – that will see a 2,000 teu increase in top of the range container vessel capacity.

  • Port Strategy: President Obama has been criticised for taking too long to act over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

    Lessons from the US


    The vigour with which President Obama has been beating the drum about what BP should have done and should now do regarding the disastrous rig blow-out in the US Gulf is a sight to behold.

  • Port Strategy: Presenting a concession requires finesse if the cash is to flow

    Money isn't just there for the taking


    Even in the darker days of the credit crunch there was always money around for infrastructure development, although most major projects had been mothballed.

  • Port Strategy: Sometimes qualtity is better than quantity

    Volume not the whole story


    When it comes to awarding a port concession inevitably a lot of importance is attached to the new cargo volume that a given operator is able to attract.