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  • 'MSC Gulsun'

    Time for a fresh approach


    The beginning of July marked another landmark moment in the evolution of the container system – the delivery of the MSC Gulsun, the first box ship to be built to accommodate 24 rows of containers on deck and featuring a capacity of around 23,000 teu, writes Mike Mundy.

  • Bad weather closed the Port of Shanghai for 28 days in 2018

    Not-so-fair wind blows for ports


    COMMENT: When a senior shipping line executive totalled the number of operational days lost to weather-related shutdowns at Shanghai last year, I’ll admit I was genuinely shocked at the figure he gave, writes Carly Fields.

  • Undercover-reporter-logo.jpg

    Going undercover for port insight


    Port Strategy (PS) magazine is starting a new "undercover rePORTer" section in the magazine featuring cutting-edge, but crucially anonymous, opinion from the experts in our wide, top-level audience.

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    Man the life rafts


    COMMENT: £3.14m: it’s a deliciously-grand figure for a promised pot of cash to support communities of major ports in the UK that will be impacted the most by Britain’s departure from the EU. But it may as well have come with some fairy dust and a magic wand, writes Carly ...

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    The UK's great planning dilemma


    COMMENT: Should it come as a surprise to learn that only six or so of 25 of the UK’s minor and major ports have undertaken “significant high-level and practical planning” for Brexit? That’s the headline finding of a survey undertaken by global executive search firm Odgers Berndston, writes Carly Fields

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    Ports scramble aboard hyperloop train


    COMMENT: It’s the stuff of science fiction, but more than one global port is putting its faith and money behind magnetic levitation to move freight at frighteningly-fast speeds, writes Carly Fields.

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    Port authorities on an evolutionary journey


    COMMENT: The role of port authorities is evolving, for the better. Where once port authorities were simply required to toe the government line on transportation, they now need to drive change, foster collaboration and nurture innovation, writes Carly Fields.

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    Plastic surgery for our sea


    COMMENT: As a long-term shipping and ports professional living and working on the island nation of the UK, I’m acutely aware of the vital importance of shipping to our everyday lives. But recently I’ve been struck by the intrinsic relevance of consumer choices to our sector, writes Carly Fields.

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    DP World's breakdown of relations


    COMMENT: DP World must be rueing the day it got involved with Djibouti. After more than a decade of positivity and significant investment in the country, its government has decided that the relationship has run its course and seized control of Doraleh Container Terminal, writes Carly Fields.

  • Caption: Auto call: ports need to be ready for autonomous ships, like the Yara Birkeland. Credit: Kongsberg/Ørnulf Rødseth

    Autonomy preparations


    Valenciaport Foundation’s Alexandre Sánchez Pérez and Jonas Mendes Constante highlight questions that port authority managers should be asking about autonomous ships.

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    Autonomy realities


    COMMENT: The promise of autonomy in shipping is certainly getting pulses racing, if the patter from September’s London International Shipping Week (LISW) is anything to go by, writes Carly Fields.

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    Running a fever


    COMMENT: The initial shock of the Maersk/APM Terminals cyber breach was wearing off as the Jul/Aug issue of Port Strategy went to press, but the reality of dealing with the ripple effect of a major port business interruption was far from waning, writes Carly Fields.

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    Disruption solved


    COMMENT: Hands up if you are sick of hearing the phrase ‘disruptive technology’. My hand is up, in fact both are up, writes Carly Fields.

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    Two extremes


    COMMENT: It turns out that 2016 wasn’t such a bad year for the larger container terminal operators, despite the shroud of negativity caused by civil upset and political unrest, often intertwined, writes Carly Fields.

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    Fill your dance card


    COMMENT: The race is on to find a dance partner on the US East Coast to deal with the quick-stepping shipping lines, heavy-footed container ships and twirling alliances, writes Carly Fields.

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    False bravado


    COMMENT: There seems to be a groundswell of opinion that 2017 will be the year that ports start getting bolshie with shipping lines. The year that they start saying ‘no’ to the unrealistic demands being made of them. The year that they find their voice in discussions with alliances. Prophetic ...

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    Lost in the melee


    COMMENT: With the posturing and the politicking done, the real job of running the United States of America now looms large ahead of president-elect Donald Trump. He and his carefully assembled team hold the fate of US infrastructure development, including ports and supporting modes, in their hands, writes Carly Fields.

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    A little mercy


    COMMENT: I’m going to hijack this Viewpoint for something not strictly related to ports. That said, the topic does involve a ship, which does dock at ports in Africa, so I’ll make that my tenuous link, writes Carly Fields.

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    Nowhere to hide


    COMMENT: Pundits have been saying for years that container lines need to merge or bow out to bring the box trade back to some semblance of normality. Hapag-Lloyd and UASC took note with a merger deal, while CMA CGM swallowed up NOL along with its sizable debts.

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    Hands off


    COMMENT: Come on, admit it, who hasn’t had their interest piqued by the driverless units being proudly paraded by a growing number of companies? For me, the whole thing has that special science-fiction edge that’s just too hard to ignore, writes Carly Fields.