Sr. Project Manager Ports & Coasts, Deltares

Mr. De Boer has over 10 years of professional experience in harbour and coastal engineering. After his MSc degree in Civil Engineering & Management at the University of Twente (2009), he started working at Deltares as senior project manager and advisor on ports and coastal engineering. He has international experience on projects related to port infrastructure, sustainable port development, Nature Based Solutions, and coastal erosion mitigation. Furthermore, he had a part-time research affiliation at Delft University of Technology on sustainable port development. At the moment, he is coordinator of the Deltares R&D program on infrastructure systems (including ports and waterways) and project developer at SmartPort to facilitate innovation projects in the Port of Rotterdam. In all his work Mr. De Boeris striving to apply new technologies and integrate knowledge from different disciplines to solve both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.