David Albertani joins this session which focuses on providing innovative solutions for funding to 2050. 

David Albertani (1)

The Catalytic Finance Foundation (‘Catalytic’) is pursuing a blended finance initiative under the Catalytic Cities program, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, to decarbonize shipping and ports.

The Catalytic Finance Foundation has concluded that targeted investments in proven and standardized technologies at ports can accelerate the transition.

Speaker David Albertani is CEO of Catalytic and leads the efforts in setting up new blended financial vehicles dedicated to sustainable infrastructure and oversees Technical Assistance implementation. 

Among other Catalytic programs, Mr. Albertani has been leading the setup of the Subnational Climate Fund (SCF), targeting the implementation of a 750 MUSD blended finance vehicle for subnational sustainable infrastructure. Mr. Albertani also successfully managed a waste management program in Oran, Algeria, receiving official recognition from the Algerian authorities. Mr. Albertani is currently leading efforts to design new blended finance vehicles, including Port Decarbonization at a global level.  

Mr. Albertani is an expert in waste and energy infrastructure project preparation and uses his project financing skills to bring projects to bankability. 

Previously, he was a scientific associate in the mathematics department at the University of Geneva. He specialized in the field of probabilities and mechanical statistics where he published scientific articles on correlation estimates. He has been member of the Council of the Swiss Doctoral Program of Mathematics. 


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