There is an increasing urgency for all of us to address climate change and there is a need to work together. Most of the problems, and their solutions, overlap and require collaboration. The latest initiative to help deal with this is Green Ports & Shipping Congress – Reducing Emissions Together, to be held in Singapore on 8-9 May 2024.

 Green Ports & Shipping Congress 2024

Caring for the environment by reducing emissions is a priority for all our businesses. The ports and terminals communities are served by a number of organisations and events with this specific agenda, so too are the shipping communities. But practically, neither group can achieve their objectives without working together or without the direct co-operation of the other.

Mercator is fortunate to have a unique insight into the requirements of both, having produced 18 annual GreenPort Congress’s in co-operation with the leading ports in Europe, this year branching out to Australia. Mercator has also produced 44 annual Propulsion & Future Fuels conferences, currently based in Hamburg. These events are supported by our sector specific, knowledge-based online magazines, Port Strategy, GreenPort and The Motorship. 

The first objective of Congress will be to identify and prioritise the areas that port-based organisations and shipping companies need to work together on, for their mutual advantage, to reduce emissions. The second will be to produce a concrete action plan/shared best practices charter going forward, as statement of intent, for all interested parties going forward.

The audience will include policy makers; ports and terminal operators, shipping companies; shippers and logistics companies; fuel and propulsion providers; classification societies and associated decarbonisation clusters. 

The programme will cover all aspects of energy transition plans and implementation as they affect port operations and ships. Sessions and streams will address the required infrastructure, bunkering, technical solutions and how these align with the shipping lines and logistics chains. Practically, one of the key agenda items will address Green Corridors and the key role Singapore has in developing these as one of the world’s greatest hubs. 

Mercator will also be producing a web-based magazine with regular e-Newsletters so the project has a life for 365 days a year, is regular and can be developed further.

The founding supporting organisations are:

International Association of Ports & Harbors


The Blue Visby Solution

Between them, BIMCO and IAPH represent well over 60% of the world seaborne trade and fleets with some excellent initiatives already in place.

Mercator CEO Andrew Webster said, ‘I sincerely trust we can establish this collaboration and it develops its own momentum going forward. All these people and organisations want to make a difference and by working more closely together we can produce quicker outcomes. Please get in contact with us if you would like to contribute to this initiative’.

Green Ports & Shipping Congress– Reducing Emissions Together, for 2-days will include welcome address, keynote speakers and various sessions and working groups, with ample opportunity to network during the refreshment and lunch breaks.

The details of the programme topics will be announced shortly and for more information, please see: or contact the events team on +44 1329 825335 or