Commercial Asset Manager, MPC Container Ships

Maike Nimmrich for crop

Maike Nimmrich is a Commercial Asset Manager at MPC Container Ships (MPCC), a tonnage provider owning 59 vessels with focus on the Feeder segment.  

MPCC is committed to aligning their targets with the 2023 IMO strategy to reach net zero by 2050. MPCC aims to reach these goals through investment into retrofitting the existing fleet, investments into renewing the fleet including DF methanol vessels and the industry’s ability to scale the use of biofuels and other sustainable fuels.  

Maike is MPCC’s representative at the Silk Alliance and leads the company’s collaborative efforts with charter customers to achieve environmental compliance and meet MPCC’s ambitious targets. 

Maike has over 10 years of experience in ship management, having worked with different ship owners including MPC Container Ships in Hamburg and Singapore. She holds degrees in Shipping, Trade and Transport from London Metropolitan University, as well as Business Administration and Business Psychology from Leuphana University of Lüneburg.