The ‘International Windship Association’ (IWSA) is a growing, member driven association that is encouraging, advising and advocating for the use of wind propulsion technologies in the shipping industry.

IWSA’s objective is to facilitate and promote the technology, applicationsand general concept of wind propulsion for the global commercial shippingindustry and bring together all parties interested in catalysing thedevelopment and uptake of these technology solutions. The IWSA willincreasingly play a key role in acting on behalf of our members and supporterswithin this sector in order to shape industry, regulators’ and internationalbodies’ perception of the concept of wind propulsion.

Membership of IWSA is available to companies and organisations involved in themarine wind propulsion sector along with associate members and supporters thatshare our vision coming on board from the wider industry, academia, non-profitsector etc.

With the help of our members, supporters within the industry, academia andother stakeholders, IWSA is sending out a clear message: wind propulsion is aserious and increasingly proven option, financially a win-win situation and weare here to work with an industry ready for change.