Cimbria Bulk Equipment A/S

Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes are designed for dust-free outloading of dry bulk material.

The loading chutes can be supplied for tanker trucks, flatbed trucks, open and closed rail wagons and containers. The chutes can be manufactured in a more sturdy construction for shiploading, stockpiling and warehousing, depending on customer requirements for heavy duty performance, long term durability and high capacities. The product programme covers all branches where dry bulk products are handled from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials.

Port Terminals: High loading and unloading capacity and high equipment reliability for insuring quick handling and short pier-time. Cimbria’s many years of experience in this field and our references provide us with a competitive edge as a provider of port terminal solutions.

With our strong focus on a healthy working environment, wide-ranging flexibility and return on investment, has given Cimbria its current position as a world leader. 

Conveyors: Our conveying equipment handles a vast variety of bulk materials, ranging from agricultural products to industrial commodities and raw materials.

Drying: For effective and ultimate drying of various seeds and grains, the Cimbria product range comprises single-pass, double-pass and triple-pass dryers for continuous flow drying.

Electronic Sorting: The Cimbria SEA product range also includes an optical sorter with multiple wavelengths in the infrared field, designed for the most complex colour sorting applications.

Storage: The Cimbria silo product range is manufactured in heavy, trapezoidal or face-plated steel plate, welded or bolted to solid corner posts – depending on the application.


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