Terminal Operations

  • Listening: Noise modelling tests can aid pile driving operations. Credit: Baker Consultants

    Driving down noise


    Noise abatement from piling activities is now easier to achieve, finds Dave MacIntyre

  • Tracking up: CTA expanded its rail terminal from seven to nine tracks, raising annual rail throughput to 930,000 teu

    Laying down tracks


    Fine tuning port-rail operations is key to realising the full potential of rail traffic, reports Alex Hughes

  • Concrete solutions


    HamidReza Hassanli, Ehsan Emamifard Naeeni and Mansoureh Hasanzadeh discuss their experiences with self-compacting concrete

  • High pressure: port structures need serious surface preparation. Credit: Flexcrete

    Under attack


    Corrosion has the power to slash the life span of port structures, explains John Bensalhia

  • Showcase: the IADC is producing a book of 50 dredging projects in 50 years

    Conflict avoidance


    Conflict and opposition – an inevitable response to any major dredging project? A new concept says it doesn’t have to be that way. Felicity Landon reports.

  • Taking root: breakwaters need to stand the test of time. Credit: Grant MacDonald

    Faster, deeper, cheaper


    Underwater, floating, sand-filled or rock-strengthened; breakwaters come in all shapes and sizes finds Felicity Landon

  • Independent servicing companies are becoming more popular

    Focus and feedback


    Benjamin Franklin may once have claimed that “well done is better than well said”, but good feedback will ensure that word spreads and the customer base widens.

  • Many OEMs offer bolt on maintenance packages for their machinery

    High maintenance


    Independent maintenance, repair and overhaul companies are making their mark, as John Bensalhia finds out

  • Port Strategy: Corrosion to the rebar of a concrete pile

    Treating your piles


    While cathodic protection is an acknowledged preventative measure for new construction, the technology is seldom used on ageing structures, reports Patrik Wheater