The world's best value Sidelifter. Steelbro has aninternational reputation for container handling equipment design innovation andmanufacturing excellence.

For over 138 years Steelbro has produced imaginative and successfulsolutions for the transport industry.

The Steelbrosidelifter for container transportation and placement sets the benchmark for:

  • Operational flexibility - 20', 40', 2X 20' containers with rapid transfer and operating times.
  • Robust design and reliability usinghigh strength steels with superior fatigue toughness.
  • Internationally recognized qualitycontrol and manufacturing processes.
  • Globally branded and recognizedsupply partners.
  • Steelbrosidelifters are able of to transfer containers from trailerto ground, trailer to trailer, trailer to rail and can double stack.
  • Successfully used in conjunction withexisting port equipment to reduce port congestion.

Steelbro sidelifters applications include road,rail, military and specialised applications such as movement of fuel tanks and portable buildings.

To learnmore about how a Steelbro sidelifter can increase your productivityread our customer case studies or contact us today for aSTEELBRO Sidelifter solution that is right for you!

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