MGI launches 'revolutionary' software

The ARROW team at MGI has developed its near Cargo Community System (CCS), the Ci5.

It aims to go beyond what previous systems have been able to offer combining features from the AP+ system with multiple new functions.

Ci stands for cargo intelligence and the ‘5’ stands for the five modes of transport and the five continents, it is designed to work in French logistics communities and ports all around the world.

The Ci5 uses a range of features, including business intelligence which offers uses a strategic overview and activity management approach, using dashboard, KPIs and statistics taken from the information system.

Activity monitoring to provide real-time information on the status of any item, including door-to-door cargo tracking throughout the supply chain.

This will provide operational management tools including alerts and messages for goods not declared in time for an embarkation closing time or dangerous goods not declared on time. As well as vessel tracking to find out where the ship is and forecast its estimated arrival time.

Alongside this, using advance authorisation to simplify logistics with automatically-generated operations, the Fast Lane feature will aim to save time on operations using automatic functions in the Ci5 system.

Interoperability will aim to ensure that the Ci5 system operates in conjunction with all existing and future systems. While the user centric feature has a focus on the user’s business and activities.

It has a modular approach, custom displaces and predictive text entry, this aims to save time and make users’ lives easier.