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21 Jul 2016
DP World London Gateway Port has been awarded the Planet Mark certification

DP World London Gateway Port has been awarded the Planet Mark certification

DP World London Gateway Port has been awarded the green Planet Mark for demonstrating a commitment to carbon emissions reductions.

The UK’s advanced deep-sea container terminal reduced its emissions by a minimum of 2.5% per teu in 2016.

Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DP World London Gateway, said: “Minimising impacts on the environment have shaped our planning, construction and the way we operate the port’s berths and distribution centres on our Logistics Park.”

“Indeed, a key value proposition for having a logistics hub in this location, closer to consumers, is to reduce CO2 emissions in UK supply chains, making this a particularly pleasing achievement.”

The port was able to demonstrate the systems it already has in place to reduce and monitor its carbon emissions.

These include detailed carbon measurement, automated stacking cranes and other hi-tech initiatives which aim to increase efficiency, LED lighting and zero waste to landfill.

Mr Thorpe added: “We have now set the standard for ourselves in terms of reducing our carbon footprint year-on-year for every container passing through this hub – I look forward to London Gateway continuing to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in UK supply chains.”

This certification programme, owned by Planet First, is working in conjunction with the iconic Eden Project in Cornwall, UK.

Two deep-sea berths and landside areas of the port development have been certified to The Planet Mark. DP World London Gateway went into operation in 2013 and is currently undergoing expansion with construction of a third deep-sea berth.

Once Berth Three becomes operational, it will also reduce carbon emissions through the use of electric hybrid shuttle carriers.

“It is important that members of the transport industry are operating sustainably and thinking about how they can be even more sustainable, to ensure carbon emissions are reduced,” said Peter Stewart MVO, Eden Project’s executive director.

“It is pleasing to see that an infrastructure development as important to the UK as DP World London Gateway has carbon reduction and sustainability at the forefront of its thinking.”

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