Operators spearhead Go Green event

Planting endeavours by Laem Chabang International Terminal (LCIT) Planting endeavours by Laem Chabang International Terminal (LCIT)

The fourth annual Go Green port environmental initiative saw 7,500 people across the world take part in activities and attend events under the theme of climate change.

The week-long event, a collaboration by leading container operators DP World, Hutchison Ports, PSA International and Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), as well as the Port of Rotterdam Authority, allowed employees from the five organisations to take part in CO2 mitigation, climate change resilience, coastal and wildlife preservation and staff education activities, and to also attend environmental education events.

DP World expanded its activity into a month-long campaign to get its employees and local communities to become “Climate Mates”.

Each of the organisation’s business units chose sustainability activities to take part in, with nearly 3,000 employees committing 4,500 hours to environmental projects, collecting some 10,000 kilograms of waste and planting more than 4,000 trees.

Hutchison Ports concentrated its activities on places where employees could take action in coordination with teams from other Go Green member port groups.

Over 500 employees participated in green races, climate-change resilience-building exercises and mass tree plantings, with efforts made to choose activities that would help more than one environmental cause.

At PSA ports across the world, 3,950 people took part in activities aimed at building awareness of environmental concerns and taking action to conserve, recycle and reduce.

In all, 967 seedlings were planted, while 15.2 tonnes of used items and 12 tonnes of rubbish were collected for recycling.

SIPG worked with Hutchison Ports in Shanghai to coordinate a number of events under the campaign name “Green Port, Beautiful Shanghai”, with the intention of raising employee and community awareness of environmental stewardship and encouraging employees to work to protect habitats.

The group held a green port project demonstration, granted a port ecosystem knowledge award and undertook spill prevention drills and port basin clean-ups – activities in line with the group’s plan to build a “resource-saving, environmentally friendly” port by 2020.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority organised an event which saw participants plant 750 sea buckthorn bushes on sand dunes to increase coastal and port resilience and protect biodiversity.

The activity involved Rotterdam’s major container terminal operators and Stadsnatuur Rotterdam, an organisation that collects information on flora and fauna in the Rotterdam area and offers conservation advice.


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