Quick payback offers tracking incentive

08 Feb 2013
Identec claims that some of its customers have reported ROI

Identec claims that some of its customers have reported ROI "in terms of months"

The level of return of investment when committing to tracking solutions is project based and depends on what has driven the investment in the first place, according to Eurogate Tangier's Marco Fehmer.

Sometimes, he notes, terminals must track equipment for safety reasons or because of union agreements, so the return is calculated on a general increase in terminal efficiency and the real time locating system is only a part of a whole raft of improvements carried out by terminal management.

At Tangier, an individual truck's operational mode and engine status are constantly monitored. By managing the fleet, real-time intervention can take place before other parts of the operation are impacted and more costly damage or delays occur. Idle time is reduced, thereby decreasing related maintenance and fuel costs.

Automated job stepping optimises trucks routes, by pooling resources and equipping trucks with a real-time communication system, cutting down on trucking costs.

DP World's Rashid Abdulla's take on ROI is that tracking technology can help in a number of areas, citing the management and optimisation of travel times and distance covered; incident measurement; the resolution of potential mechanical or electrical issues; and the reduction of idling time – which helps to save fuel – as major bottom line contributors. “Given the relative low cost solutions we're talking about, return periods could be less than one year, depending, of course, on the type of operational circumstances involved,” he says.

Identec Solutions' Matt Ramsey adds that there isn't a "one size fits all" ROI calculation.

“For any given facility, the KPIs driving the decision to adopt mobile asset tracking technology may include some combination of safety, security, operating cost, commercial pressure, and other factors. These KPIs should be defined and evaluated in consideration of the proposed project. In real world applications, our customers have reported an ROI in terms of months, although it is longer for more complex projects,” he says.

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