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It's horses for courses when it comes to STS guarantees It's horses for courses when it comes to STS guarantees
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Ship-to-shore crane guarantees from the big manufacturers vary little in their approach. Sometimes, the warranty offered by Konecranes, for example, will also include the spreader; however, if the supplier sourced its own spreader, clearly the onus is on it to negotiate its own warranty with the spreader provider.

This also impacts on who is responsible for any remedial work subsequently undertaken on the spreader in the case of a break down, although maintenance also depends on the availability of suitable engineers at the terminal.

Paceco España stresses that it takes care of any problems relating to any spreader that formed part of its initial proposal during the warranty period, although Mr Jódar says that breakdowns are few and far between.

“When a problem occurs, we contact the spreader manufacturer and request them to dispatch a field technician to the terminal so that the problem can be solved in collaboration with our own field engineers as soon as possible,” he says.

Liebherr's Gerry Bunyan explains that spreader manufacturers usually provide a separate warranty, which Liebherr Container Cranes then passes on to the client.

“If a spreader on a Liebherr-supplied crane breaks down - whether under warranty or not - it is our philosophy to get the crane up and running again as quickly as possible. Typically, however, the maintenance personnel who are on site will be able to rectify most problems,” he says, adding that this is possible because LCC will have carried out extensive training of local maintenance personnel both at its Irish manufacturing facility and on site as the crane is being erected, as well as afterwards during operation.

“This philosophy ensures that the onsite engineers are best able to deal with any problems with the spreader. Usually the spreader manufacturer only becomes involved if there is a major or recurring fault. Of course all spares would be covered under any guarantee,” he says.

Driving this approach is a need to get the crane operational as quickly as possible. It therefore makes little sense to wait around for a dedicated spreader engineer to resolve an issue, if local staff can be trained to rectify common faults, most of which are minor in nature anyway.

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