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An example of how the industry has risen to the challenge of environmental imperatives, is Jan de Nul's acquisition of soil and groundwater treatment specialist, Envisan. The company offers groundwater remediation, decontamination of polluted sites, construction and rehabilitation of landfills as well as sludge and sediment treatment. Starting with soil and groundwater treatment it gradually expanded into overall environmental technologies.

The integration of these various activities enables the company to tackle a diverse range of complex environmental problems. It is now focusing its efforts on European opportunities with particular attention to the EU's new members and offering advanced technologies such as thermal desorption, immobilisation and mechanical dewatering.

Discharging wastewater into surface waters results in polluted sediments in our rivers. The removal of these sediments from rivers and canals is not only necessary for economic reasons, but it is also an important tool to prevent increasing floods as it restores the water bearing capacity of our surface waters. Supported by Jan de Nul, the company offers a solution for the treatment and valorisation of polluted or unpolluted dredged sediments. Dredged sediments can be dewatered by means of lagooning, filter presses, the Salimat method or other appropriate techniques.

The unpolluted part has useful applications in dikes and filling works, dam construction and visual screens whilst polluted parts can be landfilled in an environmentally safe way, after immobilisation when necessary.

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