40t capacity RTG order for BMCT

09 Oct 2017
Konecranes Noell RTG crane

The RTGS have a lifting capacity of 40t and will be used in Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals' container yard

Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals (BMCT) has ordered 18 more Konecranes Noell RTG cranes to aid its expansion.

The RTGS have a lifting capacity of 40t and will be used in BMCT’s container yard, where they will stack containers 1-over-5, covering six container rows plus track lane.

Shyam Pathak, sales director India, Konecranes, port solutions, said: “BMCT’s expansion plans are on track and I’m pleased that this dynamic container terminal, backed by the leading global port operator PSA, has again selected our crane technology.”

Diesel generators

The RTGs will be equipped with diesel generators powering variable speed engines that can reduce fuel consumption by up to one-third depending upon operating conditions.

The order follows an initial order for 18 RTG and four RMG cranes that will be delivered by the end of this year. The RTGs will be delivered in two lots: nine units will be delivered by August 2018, and the remaining nine by the end of 2018.

The RMG cranes have a 37.6m span covering six rail tracks, offering a maximum lifting capacity of 65t, stacking containers 1-over-3 with a lifting height of 12.5m.

Railyard use

They will be used in BMCT’s railyard, which can handle double-stack container trains up to 1.5km long. They will be powered from the terminal’s mains and will not generate any local exhaust emissions.

Capt Suresh Amirapu, CEO of BMCT, said: “These RMG cranes are equipped with a rotating trolley that gives the crane operator an excellent view of the containers, rail wagons and the entire working area.

“They also have double-sided cantilevers that cover two truck lanes on either side of the crane rails. These will allow us to flexibly manage the rail operations and speed up the rail container handling.”

From the initial order, the first lot of RTG cranes arrived at BMCTPL on 22nd Sept 2017 and the RMG cranes on 23rd Sept 2017.

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