Collision warning system reduces accident risk

Visionary-B The Visionary-B driver assistance system integrates 3D imaging camera technology with exterior sensors and an in-cab monitor
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Crane and reach stacker operators could reduce the risk of ‘blind spot’ accidents with a new outdoor collision warning system.

Global sensing and imaging specialist SICK created the Visionary-B driver assistance system by integrating 3D imaging camera technology with exterior sensors and an in-cab monitor to create an intelligent system that monitors the area around or behind a vehicle and detects both people and objects.

“Manoeuvring and reversing are the most frequent causes of accidents involving mobile machines,” explained Neil Sandhu, SICK’s national product manager for imaging, measurement, ranging and systems. “In contrast to passive monitoring systems, with the Visionary B a driver does not need to keep checking a monitor but can be safe in the knowledge that the system will give a warning in real time if a person or obstruction enters the pre-defined detection zone.”

6m range

The Visionary-B’s stereo camera technology has a 6m range and is designed to capture more than 25,000 distance and intensity values to create real time 3D images at up to 30 frames per second. These can then be used to issue a visible and audible warning to the operator.

Visionary-b can handle fixed or moving objects regardless of angle, surface finish, material or shape of object by combining different aspects of the light scattered by the object for a detailed picture of shape, distance, reflectivity and object depth.

It can also withstand poor light conditions, rain or dust.

As a plug-and-play system, the Visionary-B can be fitted to new vehicles or retrofitted to existing plant and equipment.

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