DP World entrepreneurship programme

30 Apr 2013
DP World hopes to encourage innovative entrepreneurship worldwide

DP World hopes to encourage innovative entrepreneurship worldwide

UAE based operator, DP World, has launched a seed accelerator programme, TURN8, in a bid to encourage “innovative and commercially viable ideas from global and local innovators, as well as DP World employees and partners."

TURN8 aims to search for people with marketable ideas in a variety of sectors including shipping, transport and logistics, logistics security; safety, sustainability and the environment; travel and trade. DP World will support them with funding, mentoring and training in exchange for a stake in any resulting business.

The programme, which will take place over the next 12 months, will begin with an online campaign and events in selected countries with active start up cultures, including the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Ukraine and USA.

The programme is powered by Innovation 360, a UAE innovation management consultancy, which has already established its own seed accelerator, i360accelerator.

Kamal Hassan, founder and CEO of Innovation 360, said: “TURN8 will reduce the gap between innovative ideas and their commercialisation. Our goal is to launch many successful innovative start ups and create a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Middle East.”

Those with winning proposals will be invited to the TURN8 seed accelerator in Dubai, where they will be provided with workspace, up to US$24,000 funding per team and professional mentoring for four months to develop their business model and prototype.

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