Haskoning name dropping

01 Jan 2005

Posford Haskoning will henceforth be known as Royal Haskoning. Posford Haskoning was adopted as a means of introducing the Haskoning name to the UK market three years ago and the job is now done, says the company.

37 orders came from Europe, where Belgium was strong with 9 units. Spain and the UK also played an important role with 5 and 4 cranes respectively. In the Nordic countries Gottwald strengthened its position with 4 cranes. In the Middle East one order for six cranes came from Syria and two orders for five cranes from the UAE. With five cranes for Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Colombia, Gottwald further consolidated its position in Latin America.

From January onwards the company will operate under the brand name Royal Haskoning, and the name of the UK operating company will be changed from Posford Haskoning Ltd to Haskoning UK Ltd.

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