IT award for MGI and Marseille Fos Port

16 May 2017
MGI and Marseille Fos Port won an award for their Smart Port 2.0.

MGI and Marseille Fos Port won an award for their Smart Port 2.0.

MGI and Marseille Fos Port won the highest award in the IT category at the 30th International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) World Ports Conference held in Indonesia in May.

Approximately one thousand participants, including representatives from ports around the world and logistics operators, attended the awards ceremony, where MGI and Marseille Fos Port were awarded for their ‘Smart Port 2.0’ project using Neptune Port and Ci5.

Neptune Port is the comprehensive synchronisation tool for all port logistics while Ci5 is a new generation of Port Community System set to replace its predecessor AP+.

Dominique Lebreton, audits, projects and marketing director at MGI, said: “This international award recognises the impressive work done by the Marseille port community under the Smart Port project. Ci5 is the first Cargo Community System in the world to include artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies which will provide extremely precise arrival time estimates for lorries at port gates.

“In fact, we like to say that Ci5 is much more than a Port Community System. It is a Cargo Intelligent System that serves port community. Ci5 is the essential tool for increasing the competitiveness of ports and meets their requirements for smooth operations, tracking, reliability and security, thereby increasing supply chain efficiency.”

Christine Cabau Woehrel, president of the Marseille Port Authority Executive Board, added that Neptune Port is “at the heart of our information system”. “It connects the private systems of all professionals working in the port, generates reliable information, facilitates the smooth transit of goods through the port and increases productivity.”

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