Kalmar and London Gateway pilot fast-charging

07 Sep 2017
The pilot will commence during Q1 2018 and last between six and 12 months

The pilot will commence during Q1 2018 and last between six and 12 months

Kalmar and DP World London Gateway are set to jointly undertake a pilot of the port industry's first fast-charging shuttle carrier solution at DP World London Gateway in the UK.

The trial of the fully electrically-powered Kalmar FastCharge Shuttle Carrier, which will determine the suitability of a completely electrical solution for future operations at the port, will commence during Q1 2018 and last between six and 12 months.

The FastCharge solution, which was launched by Kalmar in December 2015, is based on the same charging technology used in electric buses and creates no NOX and CO2 emissions at the point of use as well as offering reduced noise emissions.

Charging occurs during the idle time in the machine’s working cycle, when the shuttle is stationary and pending its next container job.

DP World London Gateway already uses a fleet of Kalmar hybrid-electric shuttle carriers which lower fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Commenting on the partnership, Mikko Mononen, vice president for Intelligent Horizontal Transportation at Kalmar, said: “That we are now collaborating with DP World London Gateway is a clear sign that the market is starting to take off and that green values are growing in importance as a strategic choice for the leading terminals.”

“DP World London Gateway's sustainability strategy is at the heart of our business,” said Andrew Bowen, head of the Technical - Engineering and IT departments for DP World London Gateway.

“We want this project to be successful. It offers great opportunity to reduce carbon emissions around the port which will be of benefit to our team, our neighbours, the local environment and, perhaps most significantly, to our customers, by helping to reduce their overall supply chain carbon footprint.”

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